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Out in Ottawa: July 19-30, 2016

Choice events in the city

DJs Ashley Gauthier and Cajjmere Wray spin at Throb, a party geared specifically for dance-hungry men. Credit: Tina DeSouza

Tuesday, July 19

More Knotty Fun

So, there’s you and your partner. You have a pile of rope. You have a basic knowledge of safety and knot-tying. What the heck do you do now? A workshop teaches folks a few ways to tie up their partners for sexy bondage time. Attendees must bring at least 4 lengths of 30-foot-long rope, safety shears and something to sit on. (Rope is also available for purchase in the store)

6:30pm. Venus Envy, 226 Bank St.

Thursday, July 21

Queers and Beers: Queers in the Courtyard

It’s sunny. There are cobblestones. There are tattoos. Prosecco is pouring. And everyone in attendance has the sides of their heads shaved. What’s this? It must be a queer patio party (the hair thing is a total giveaway). Queering 613’s monthly craft beer event gets all fancy, going beyond beer in a brewery to the somewhat more hoity-toity cocktails in a courtyard (there’s beer too though, don’t worry).

5pm. Social Restaurant and Lounge, 537 Sussex Dr.

Hard Cover Book Club

The chairs have been rearranged. Coffee is in cups. There are pastries or cookies or homemade snacks of some sort for sharing (note: you really should bake some stuff for this). And it’s time to get down and dirty with a book. Men gather to discuss Amin Ghaziani’s There Goes the Gayborhood? a book about the evolution of gay villages and the question: are these gaybourhoods destined to disappear?

6:30pm. Centretown Community Health Centre, 420 Cooper St. For more info, visit Facebook.

Friday, July 22


You walk down a colourful hall into a basement that’s pulsating with electronic beats. The guys are shirtless. The DJ is bopping in his floor-adjacent booth. The booze is flowing. It reminds you of a rave. And there’s nary an apology in sight for this party geared specifically for dance-hungry men. DJ Ashley Gauthier spins the warm-up set for a special guest, Toronto’s DJ Cajjmere Wray.

10:30pm. Kavali, 34 Clarence St.

Saturday, July 30

Chalk Rainbow

It’s been a rough summer. While we would obviously prefer it were going better, at least the difficulties are bringing us together. And there is some benefit to working through difficult emotions as a community, so perhaps it would be a good idea to head over to Aylmer for a day of writing positive messages in chalk in rainbow colours. Attendees are encouraged to bring snacks.

Noon. Marché du Vieux Aylmer, Parc Commemoratif, Aylmer, Quebec.

(Stephanie Meunier)

Homo Phono

Many people’s favourite Ottawa DJ, D-luxx Brown, is back in the country and playing her first Homo Phono party. It’s a night of high energy music and dancing, as she’s joined by DJ del Pilar. Spinning for the first time ever (she’s known for MCing and party promotion), del Pilar is all about funk, house and hip hop. The bar is all on one level, and the bathrooms are gender inclusive.

10pm. Bar Robo, 692 Somerset St W. For more info, visit Facebook.