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Out in Ottawa: June 1–15, 2015

Choice events in the city

Lisa Ugray leads Sex with Trans Women, an Ottawa workshop dedicated to giving tips and pointers on how to have sex trans women.  Credit: KayCie Gravelle


Patio Dance Party

The organizers of Gainsbourg Legionnaire are concerned that people aren’t dressing appropriately for the season, so they’ve organized an outdoor dance party with an emphasis on tight and skimpy clothing. On Gainsbourg’s sunny patio, a mixed crowd enjoy Jade London, Kiki Coe and Jasmine Dymond’s drag show and DJ Ashley Gauthier’s hot beats.  

Saturday, June 6, 10pm. Gainsbourg, 9 Aubry St, Gatineau.

Homo Phono

It’s time to shift from eating-cakes-under-duvets-because-it’s-too-cold-to-go-and-do-anything mode to oh-my-god-I-hate-this-apartment-and-it’s-summer-so-I-can-actually-go-out-and-do-stuff mode, and a good way to do that is to drag that hibernating butt to a dance party. DJs Debonair and Lakshmibai spin for party-hungry queers. Includes gender-neutral washrooms.

Saturday, June 13, 10pm. Raw Sugar Cafe, 692 Somerset St W.


Ottawa Bears Sunday Coffee Gathering

Shaking off the malaise of winter, bears struggle out from beneath their heaps of much-abused and well-licked-out honey pots (seriously, bear listings really do write themselves) for a gathering with the other ursine folks. Those who have yet to attend this weekly event are particularly welcome to come, meet other bears and participate in the 50/50 draws.

Every Sunday, 3–5pm. Centretown Pub, 340 Somerset St W.


Gaymer Night: Dance Dance Revolution

What do cute gay nerds do on a Tuesday night when everyone else is out shooting up and engaging in A Clockwork Orange-style, milk-swilling ultraviolence? They play Dance Dance Revolution (or an approximation called StepMania). Other games, such as Cards Against Humanity, are also available. Attendees are not required to buy food or drink

Tuesday, June 9, 6pm. Swizzles, 246 Queen St.


Book Launch with Amber Dawn and Friends

Amber Dawn launches her debut poetry collection, Where the words end and my body begins. The poems are an homage to Gertrude Stein, Christina Rossetti and Adrienne Rich, and follow such themes as trauma, memory and sex. Dawn is joined by local storytellers Allison Armstrong and Kalyani Pandya for a launch that is billed as offering “sex, sass, humour and healing.”

Saturday, June 13, 7:30pm. Venus Envy, 226 Bank St.


Rae Spoon at Westfest

Singer-songwriter Rae Spoon performs at a celebration of Canadian arts and culture. The three-day festival includes music, dance, visual art, poetry readings, performance art and more, and there are street-level acts as well as main stage performances.

Sunday, June 13, 5:45pm. For more info, visit


Sex with Trans Women

Trans women aren’t getting enough sex, because prospective partners don’t know the ins and outs of getting it on with such a partner. In the interest of fostering more and better sexy times, sex educator Lisa Ugray hosts a workshop on all things trans-women. It covers anatomy, safety concerns, what feels good and how partners may differ (in terms of bodies, needs and wants).

Monday, June 1, 6:30pm. Venus Envy, 226 Bank St.