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Out in Ottawa: March 1-15, 2016

Choice events in the city

Tuesday, March 1

Anton in Show Business

The Three Sisters Theatre Company brings lady love to an Ottawa stage with its production of Anton in Show Business, a play about a theatre company putting on Anton Chekhov’s The Three Sisters in modern day Texas. The play’s all-female cast makes for some steamy woman-on-woman action when the love scene happens.

Runs until Saturday, March 5, various showtimes. The Gladstone, 910 Gladstone Ave.

Gaymer Night at Swizzles

This spine tingling, nerdy evening is all about playing the game Munchkin — Munchkin Legends Deluxe, Munchkin Adventure Time, and any other version of Munchkin that attendees wish to bring. As always, those whose hearts are dead and cold can opt out of the night’s featured game and play Cards Against Humanity up at the bar.

6pm. Swizzles, 246 Queen St. For more info, visit Facebook.

Friday, March 4

Just Mingling: A Queer Theatrical Salon

Three queer playwrights — Sarah Waisvisz, Lawrence Aronovitch and Margo MacDonald — present three short plays on queer historical figures. With drag king Titus Androgynous as the host, this cabaret-style evening includes more than just theatre — there’s drinking, mingling, musical performances and a silent auction.

Runs until Saturday, March 5, 7pm. Arts Court, 2 Daly Ave.

Sunday, March 6

SHElarious Vol II

Though not an explicitly queer event, this celebration of women in comedy is one of the few women-focused events in the city. This year’s event coincides with International Women’s Day and raises funds for Cornerstone Housing for Women. It includes comedy by such performers as Karen MacDonald, Nyota Nakihimba and Dianne Skoll.

8pm. Pressed, 750 Gladstone Ave.

Friday, March 11

Fucking Mean: How to Have Really Kinky Sex

This intense workshop explores a variety of topics related to having rough and kinky sex. That includes how to do it without needing any complicated dungeon equipment. It’s open to people of all genders and sexual orientations. According to billing, it teaches folks how to “leave someone feeling brutalized, used and glowing with sexual satisfaction.”

8:30pm. Venus Envy, 226 Bank St.

Saturday, March 12

Hocus Poke-Us

The burlesque-ish performance troupe Sexual Overtones presents an event rather cryptically described as “an evening of magical tails and titillations.” It promises amazing sights and sounds, and unbelievable feats. Whatever that might mean, at least it’s for a good cause, with funds going to such charities as the Venus Envy Bursary Fund.

8pm. Saint Brigid’s Centre for the Arts, 310 St Patrick St. For more info, visit Facebook.

Jock Strap Party

In a city full of public servants paralysed with fear over the possibility of upsetting their employers, it’s such a pleasure to see a party where people really let loose — and that includes their belts. For this monthly bar night, The Ottawa Knights invite guys to leave their pants behind, and strip right down to jockstraps for some dancing and flirting.

10pm. Centretown Pub, 340 Somerset St W. For more info, visit Facebook.

Sunday, March 13

Naked Boys Singing Audition

Toto Too Theatre wants to get guys naked for its June 2016 production of the musical comedy Naked Boys Singing.  The plotless show is all about naked men dancing and singing about a variety of topics — gay and beyond. This audition for the six or eight roles in the show is open to any man over the age of 18. Registration required.

1pm. Live! on Elgin, 220 Elgin St.

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