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Out in the city: March 12–18, 2015

Choice events in Toronto this week

Paydirt hosts Trade this month. Credit: Inked Kenny


Board Games Night: March Edition

Saturday nights the city’s many strange creatures get up to their usual hijinks. Drunk girls — every one of them on an endless quest to find a taxi — fall into seemingly every snow bank they see. Bears roam Church Street with nets full of recently-captured human puppies. And straight guys have their weekly rumble in front of The Brunswick House. Meanwhile, that most delicate of creatures, the gay nerd, takes refuge at the Toronto Gay Gamers’ monthly Board Games Night. Many games are available, but those who play and win at this month’s highlighted games, Coup and Banangrams, are entered for the chance to win a prize. Sat, March 14, 7pm. Glad Day Bookshop, 598 Yonge St. $6 before 9:30pm, $3 after.


Bad Boys of History

John F Kennedy had sex with just about anyone he could, from lowly White House interns to Marilyn Monroe. Lawrence of Arabia regularly paid a young Scotsman, John Bruce, to beat him. J Edgar Hoover was rumoured to cross-dress and hang out at homosexual parties. Blazing Bombshell Burlesque presents a tassel-bestrewn and gender-bending tribute to the dirtiest, horniest and most villainous men in history. The show features such performers as Delicia Pastiche, Kage Wolfe, Wrong Note Rusty and Dolly Berlin. Sat, March 14, 9pm. Club 120, 120 Church St. $15 advance, $20 door.


Pitbull: The Fifth-Year 

Hairy, beary men have enjoyed this wild party for five years now. In celebration of half a decade of catering to beefy boys, Pitbull goes all out for their anniversary party. Appropriately, the night is hosted by Toronto’s beloved and only lady bear, Fay Slift, who also gives a mind-bending and pants-tightening performance. NYC rapper Big Dipper lays down some of his hottest tracks, such as “Drop Drop (April Showers)” and “Skank.” Finally, folks dance alongside hot go go dancers to tunes by DJs Mark Falco and Gordon John (UK). Sat, March 14, 10pm. The Phoenix, 410 Sherbourne St.  $20 advance, $30 door.

Trade: Locker-Room Fantasy

It’s got all the hotness of the locker-room, without the hassle of having to actually play a sport or work out. Hosted by Paydirt, this is a party where guys strip down to towels or jocks (there’s nothing sweeter than a bubble butt framed by a jockstrap) for a night of dancing, grinding and hooking up. DJs Fritz Helder (of Azari and III) and Scooter McCreight provide the music and the evening’s virtually-bare-assed go go boys are the hirsute and veiny-armed Caleb King and Brendan Healy. Sat, March 14, 10pm. The Black Eagle, 457 Church St. $5 before midnight, $10 after.

Choral Music

That Choir: Unplugged

After a long weekend of dodging drunk party girls, parrying (or giving in to) the advances of brawny men, and getting into wicked hair-pulling fights over board games, there can be few better ways to sooth an over-stimulated brain than by listening to some choral music. Perhaps Toronto’s hippest — or at least they always look slick in their publicity photos — queer choir, That Choir, performs a pop, rock and jazz concert of music by such artists as Imogen Heap, Pentatox, Simon and Garunkel and Fleet Foxes. Sunday, March 15, 8pm. No One Writes to the Colonel, 460 College St. $5–25.