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Out in Toronto: Feb 11-17, 2016

Choice events in the city this week

Thursday, Feb 11

LGBTQ Laughing Like Crazy

We could all afford to take ourselves a little less seriously. It does us no good to dwell on things and sternly frown past any opportunity to make light of things and brighten up our lives. A 16-week workshop teaches you how to turn your mental health issues into a standup comedy routine. The program begins with a compulsory information session.

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Friday, Feb 12

Portrait of a Serial Monogamist

The 40-something Elsie goes through women like an aesthete through Kalamata olives. When she ditches her girlfriend, Robyn, to pursue Lolly (played by Vag Halen’s Vanessa Dunn), it may be her biggest mistake yet. The Friday, Saturday and Sunday evening screenings of Christina Zeidler’s debut feature film are followed by a Q and A and some improv comedy.

Friday, Feb 12–Thursday, Feb 18. various showtimes. The Carlton, 20 Carlton St.

Deepening Intimacy for Couples

Sex with your partner has become a drag. You don’t quite know what to do for each other and you’re not sure how to figure it out. This workshop for couples of all descriptions focuses on techniques for deepening intimacy. It’s about learning to sort out your wants and needs, communicating them effectively and getting the connection you really want.

7pm. Good for Her, 175 Harbord St.

Saturday, Feb 13

Trade: Trucker Mouth

It’s so simple, so crude, so confusing, but there’s something delightful about a party with the theme “trucker mouth.” Whatever it means, it’s sure to be filthy. Attendees are encouraged to dress in “slutty trucker” chic to this party with music by DJs Danny Dolan and Scooter McCreight. It includes go-go dancers William Ramslam and Rob Skelton.

10pm. The Black Eagle, 457 Church St. For more info, visit Facebook.

AX Red 2016

The latest “great big gaysian boys night out” is both a Valentine’s Day party and a celebration of the Lunar New Year. Sexy boys will dance and get intimate in an intimate setting — a well-loved village watering hole’s two floors. It includes DJ Sumation’s hot beats and drag performances by Nikki Chin and Sofonda Cox.

10:30pm. Club 120, 120 Church St.

Tuesday, Feb 16

Out and Out Info Night

There’s really no excuse for being bored when your city has a queer social club that offers dozens of activities for its members — everything from brunch to kayaking to the annual Jamboree summer camp. This is a chance to meet a few of the club’s approximately 700 members, learn more and possibly sign up.

7pm. The 519, 519 Church St.

Hype! Tuesday

Dancing, singing, back flips, long stories that never quite get to the point but that you think are funny — whatever the skill, you can show it off on talent night. Additionally, new drag kings and queens who perform and wow the audience may find themselves booked to perform on a Wednesday at Crews and Tangos. Devine Darlin and Tynomi Banks host.  

10pm. Church, 504 Church St.

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