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Out in Toronto: Feb 18-24, 2016

Choice events in the city this week

Thursday, Feb 18

Steers and Queers

There’s nothin’ gayer than a gay cowboy. Unless it’s florists, back up dancers or Daily Xtra’s arts editor. But cowboys are pretty gay too. Homos on the range head out to Lauren Hortie’s western-themed hoedown with performances by Belle Jumelles and Aviva Mirage. The dress code is saloon formal or cattle rustler realness.  

10pm. The Dakota Tavern, 249 Ossington Ave. For more info, visit Facebook.

Friday, Feb 19

Barcode: A Party with Purpose

Who wouldn’t want to party with their favourite aquatic mammal? It’d be such a thrill to pet its fins while drinking and gyrating to some music. The first edition of this new party features music by DJ Alfredo. Organizers donate a portion of proceeds from alcohol sales to charity. Oh wait —  party with a purpose, not porpoise. Now I get it.  

11pm. Byzantium, 499 Church St. For more info, visit Facebook.

Saturday, Feb 20

Cherry Bomb: We Got Game

This recurring women’s party is back with a twist. Last month, the organizers tried something new: early in the evening they left out some games for people to play. It was a hit. This time around, before the dancing starts — with music by DJs Cozmic Cat and Denise Benson, of course — folks can play Twister, Jenga, Cards Against Humanity, and more.

10pm. The Round, 152 Augusta Ave.

Sunday, Feb 21

Rough House: Rubber

This party is so kinky that even its event listing might be too much for vanilla folks to handle. Steamworks presents a gay men’s dungeon party with a fetishy dress code — rubber gear is appreciated, but all fetish gear is welcome — and such attractions as lube wrestling, a vacuum bed, a bondage table, sling stations and a piercing demo.

1pm. Club 120, 120 Church St.

Mouth Congress

Scott Thompson and Paul Bellini are the self-proclaimed “original gay punk band.” In 1984 they rented a beatbox from Long and McQuade and jammed next to a freezer in a basement for some reason. They wrote songs for a year and, under the name Mouth Congress, cut a demo that was never released. Now, 24 years since their last gig, they’ll perform for an hour.

8pm. The Rivoli, 334 Queen St W.

Church Street Comedy

It’s the monthly comedy showcase’s first night at a new venue, and to provide a proper lesbian christening, the organizers brought in her holiness Elvira Kurt to headline. Chantel Marostica and Adrienne Fish host a laid-back and hilarious night of comedy that includes comedians Dena Jackson, Camille Cote and Christophe Davidson.

8pm. Pegasus, 489 Church St. For more info, visit Facebook.

Tuesday, Feb 23

Hype! Tuesday

Dancing, singing, back flips, long stories that never quite get to the point but that you think are funny — whatever the skill, you can show it off tonight. Additionally, new drag kings and queens who perform and wow the audience may find themselves booked to perform at Crews and Tangos. Devine Darlin and Ivory Towers host.  

10pm. Church, 504 Church St.

Wednesday, Feb 24

Mind Games: Hypnosis, Hallucinations and Hi-Jinx

The Las Vegas–trained Brandon the Hypnotist presents a night of comedy mixed with hypnosis. He takes a bunch of hapless audience volunteers on a hilarious guided tour of their subconscious minds. He also explores the “super conscious” mind with experiments that evoke psychic connections, extra-sensory perception and mentalism.

7pm. The Social Capital Theatre, 154 Danforth Ave.

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