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Out in Toronto: Feb 4-10, 2016

Choice events in the city this week

Friday, Feb 5


Few things wouldn’t be improved by the introduction of a little bondage and spanking. Bored at lunch? Get out the roll of duct tape. Game of Catan not going so well? Bring on that wooden paddle you keep under the mattress. This workshop, open to both singles and couples, details a technique of combining massage with bondage play and percussion. It covers technique, safety and breathing.

3pm. Good for Her, 175 Harbord St.

Willam: Model, Actress, Matress

The self-proclaimed epitome of “swellegant,” drag performer Willam, is the highlight of this Pride Toronto–hosted event. In addition to performances and a meet and greet with the RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 4 star, this night includes performances by Judy Virago, Devine Darlin and Scarlet Bobo and music by DJs Kris Steeves, Sammy Royale and Tamika.  

10:30pm. Fly 2.0, 6 Gloucester St.

Saturday, Feb 6

Weekend with Charles Atlas

New York City-based artist Charles Atlas’s work spans four decades and a variety of mediums. Pleasure Dome’s retrospective presented by Kevin Hegge, highlights his work in film and on video, and includes screenings, a talk and the launch of the recently-released monograph from Prestel Publishing, Charles Atlas. The book includes writing by Stuart Comer, Douglas Crimp, Douglas Dunn, Johanna Fateman and Lia Gangitano.

Runs until Sunday, Feb 7. For more info, visit

Out and Out Valentine’s Dance

Bored with your life? Dying for a little exercise? And you’re afraid of the straights, so you’d prefer to do it with your fellow queers? Out and Out Toronto, a queer social club, is a non-profit, volunteer-run organization that offers a range of activities — from brunch to kayaking — for its approximately 700 members. Meet some of them and consider joining up at this Valentine’s dance.

9pm. Marquis of Granby, 418 Church St.

Tuesday, Feb 9

Hype! Tuesday

Drag, dancing, singing, standup comedy, back flips, a little hipsterish ukulele playing — whatever the skill, on this talent night, folks can show off their special abilities. New drag kings and queens who perform and wow the audience may be booked to perform at one of the Wednesday events at Crews and Tangos. The fabulous and sultry Devine Darlin and Tynomi Banks host.

10pm. Church, 504 Church St.

Wednesday, Feb 10

LGBTQ Laughing Like Crazy

We all take ourselves far too seriously. Sure, serious things happen to us, but it does us no good to dwell and sternly frown our way through any opportunity to make light of things and maybe brighten up our lives. Folks can sign up now for a 16-week workshop that teaches them how to turn their mental health issues into a standup routine. The program begins with a compulsory information session Thursday, Feb 11.

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