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Out in Toronto: Jan 12–18, 2017

Choice events in the city this week

Trade With Christeene (pictured) is the sex- and slut-positive dance party taking place at The Black Eagle on Jan 14, 2017. Credit: Courtesy Michael Sharkey

Friday, Jan 13

Puppy Love 

I’d Tap That hosts a sexy, inclusive, performance-filled dance party on Toronto’s sassy Queen Street West. The music, a mix of pop, house, R&B and more, is supplied by DJs Dang Kids and Nate Nightcall. The entertainment includes something burlesque-y from Kelsey Slammer. According to billing, oppressive behaviour will not be tolerated at this bash.

10pm–midnight. The Beaver, 1192 Queen St W. 

Skank Top: Black Out Party 

With the lights turned low, guys in slutty shirts dance and flirt at this body-positive party. DJ Aeryn Pfaff spins and go-go boys shake it. The motto for the night is “body pride, not pride body,” so all shapes, sizes and colours are not only welcome but loved. A dark space is set up downstairs for, according to billing, “some slap and tickle” (which is like sex, but more British sounding). 

10:30pm–2am. The Steady, 1051 Bloor St W. 

Skank Top: Black Out Party is a body-positive party taking place on Jan 13, 2017 at The Steady.
Courtesy Evan Bergstra

Saturday, Jan 14

Board Games Night

The Toronto Gaymers hosts its first board game event of the year. This edition of the recurring event has no theme; queer folks just choose a game (or several) from the group’s vast library of games and chill out with some dice, cards, small wooden or plastic figures — whatever. Bring friends. The venue sells alcohol, but there is no obligation to booze it up. 

3–9pm. Glad Day Bookshop, 499 Church St. 


You gotta love branding that gets straight to the point — no quibbling, no BS, just boner. Presented by Nigel March, this new, penis-themed monthly dance party includes a clothes check. Guys just strip down to whatever feels comfortable (which can mean wearing nothing at all) and dance and flirt (and who knows) to DJ Joshua Reid’s hot beats. 

10pm–3am. Club 120, 120 Church St. 

Boner is the new penis-themed monthly dance party by Nigel March.
Courtesy Nigel March

Trade with Christeene 

According to billing, this dance party is very sex- and slut-positive — “Let’s celebrate our sexualities, our community, and all you gross whores for the first Trade of the year,” it says. The bash includes a performance by the inimitable Christeene, and music by DJs Phillippe and Scooter McCreight. Organizers say they won’t allow slut or body shaming, misogyny or transphobia. 

10pm–3am. The Black Eagle, 457 Church St.

Sunday, Jan 15

Bathhouse and Body Works: Dottie Dangerfield and Nancy Bocock

Drag performer Dottie Dangerfield, billed as a “meat curtains provocateur,” is one of the headliners at this queer bathhouse night. In addition to the usual play areas and spa facilities, the evening also includes Axel Blows pole dancing, DJs spinning, and something called “Sybian Jenga” (it appears to be Jenga played on a massive, rideable vibrator). Everyone welcome. 

7pm–3am. Oasis Aqualounge, 231 Mutual St.

Drag performer Dottie Dangerfield is headlining at this event, held on Jan 15, 2017, at Oasis Aqualounge.
Courtesy Dottie Dangerfield