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Out in Toronto: Nov 3–9, 2016

Choice events in the city this week

DJ Cozmic Cat spins at Big Primpin on Nov 4, 2016, at Miss Thing’s. Credit: Courtesy Nancy Kim

Friday, Nov 4

Tapette: 4th Annual Celine Dion Party 

What’s this event listing for? Maybe if I use the power of love, I will remember. Oh, wait, it’s all coming back to me now. Those whose hearts will go on enjoy a Celine Dion-themed dance party. And that’s all the Celine song names I can think of right now, so just go to the party. DJ Phil V spins and Amanda Roberts does the drag. 

10pm–3am. Gladstone Hotel, 1214 Queen St W. For more info, visit Facebook.

DJ Phil V spins and Amanda Roberts performs the drag for this Celine Dion-themed edition of Tapette on Nov 4, 2016, at the Gladstone Hotel.
Courtesy John Thai

Big Primpin

With billing for this party pretty sparse, it’s hard to know what happens. Presumably there’s primpin’ of some kind, and on a somewhat large scale — whatever that might mean. But at least it has DJs Cozmic Cat (a wonderful DJ, known for her popular Cherry Bomb girl parties) and Young Teesh spinning. For line bypass, contact

10:30pm–1:30am. Miss Thing’s, 1279 Queen St W. For more info, visit Facebook.

Saturday, Nov 5

Brown Rice 2: A QTPOC Dance Party 

For those who, it must be assumed, live under particularly remote rocks, it bears repeating that racism is still a big issue, even in the queer community. So events like this dance party that highlights queer and trans people of colour are especially important. Of course, allies are welcome to attend too. DJs Cecilious, Wei Back, No Cops and Ace Dilinger spin.   

10pm–2am. Bar 499, 499 Church St. For more info, visit Facebook.

Sunday, Nov 6

Kinky Kasino 

The leather community will get a kick out of this casino-themed leather gathering. It’s presented, in part, by the Heart of the Flag Foundation, a non-profit organization for leather and BDSM enthusiasts. Attendees gamble the night away, playing games including poker, blackjack and plinko. Fetish wear is encouraged. Proceeds go to Supporting Our Youth.

4–8pm. The Black Eagle, 457 Church St. 

Monday, Nov 7

The Clergy Project 

A priest, a reverend and a rabbi walk into a bar. Err, well, actually it’s a theatre, and they’re not there for the sake of a joke, but to tell their stories. Okay, and to crack a few jokes. Soulo Theatre presents three actual clergy-people (two gay men and one woman) in a hilarious, one-night-only, Vagina Monologues-style stage show. But it’s about being faith leaders in 2016. 

7:30pm. Revival, 783 College St.

Daniel Brereton is one of three queer clergy-people who will be performing at Revival on Nov 7, about what it’s like to be a leader of faith in 2016.
Courtesy Daniel Brereton

Tuesday, Nov 8

End of the World Election Viewing Party 

It’s hard to argue that the world isn’t about to end. A fiercely competent woman is running against a big orange racist, and some of the American public still don’t know who they’re voting for. This event is a chance for folks to gather, drink booze, eat pizza and watch the lunacy of the US 2016 presidential election play out on TV. And if the world doesn’t come to an end, there’s karaoke afterward.

5–11pm. WAYLA Bar, 996 Queen St E.