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Out in Vancouver: Aug 25-31, 2016

Choice events in the city this week

Check out B-Roll, Vancouver’s spanking new drag event, perform their riotous version of Quentin Tarantino’s Kill Bill. Credit: B-Roll/Facebook

Thursday, Aug 25

RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars Viewing Party

If you didn’t  quite get your fill of drag over Pride and are still having “queen withdrawal,” then this weekly viewing party night is right up your alley. Watch the second season of RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars,   probably along with every queen in town, on  TV screens at The Junction pub. It’s better than secretly hiding at home with the volume low so nobody knows about your guilty pleasure. Plus, you don’t have to wait for a commercial to get up for a drink.  Afterwards, stick around and get your testosterone back as the ever hunky DJ Nick Bertossi starts spinning at 10pm and Bratpack follows at 11pm.

8pm. The Junction, 1138 Davie St. No cover.

Friday, Aug 26

Timberline Line Dance

Country dancing was invented for all of us that don’t have a partner. And what better way to do that than in a place where you can pound back a few, before, during and after your dance? Just get in line or a circle and Boogie Walk and Dosey-Doe your way around the bar — either way, come get your hoe-down!  If you’re lucky you can two-step yourself right into someone’s bed at the end of the night. Two left feet? Not a problem as Timberline give you a dance lesson at 7pm. Allemande left or right and get your ass in the saddle, boys. YeeHaw.

7pm. The Pumpjack, 1167 Davie St. No cover before 9pm.

Sienna Blaze’s DIVAS

Summer events and coronations are over, fall is in the air and a girl has gotta eat (some more than others), so you know what that means. The drag queens are back around town, in full force and ready to knock your shorts off. This monthly show, hosted by our very own empress, Sienna Blaze, brings you some of the best talent around. Tonight’s guest divas are Rose Butch and the newly transplanted amazon lady, Misty Meadows.

9pm. The Junction, 1138 Davie St. Cover $5.

Skank Top

Tonight is all about showing what you’ve got as you get down with the finest guys in town at a gun show you won’t need a license for. Wear your skankiest tops for Skank Top— shredders, string tanks, mesh, crop tops — nothing is too skanky. DJs SPRLVR and Michael K spin along with host Berlin and the Skank of Honour, Quinn Peters. This is a body-positive event and all bodies are welcome. No attitude, no sleeves, no cover.

10:30pm–3am. XYYVR, 1216 Bute St. No cover, but donations will go to the Resist Stigma Project so empty those pockets (if you’ll even have any tonight).

Saturday, Aug 27

Fourth Annual Yard Sale and Community Party

If I could make it over to Victoria this weekend, it would be for this. Hosted by Vancouver Island Persons Living With HIV/AIDS Society, this is quite possibly the biggest and best yard sale, fundraiser and community party—all in one. Clothing, furniture, household goods and more are all out for sale. There will also be a BBQ, music and lots of family-friendly activities and games. A definite event to attend if you are in the area this weekend.

4pm. Vancouver Island PWA Society, 101—1139 Yates St, Victoria.

Underwear Party: Swimwear Edition

You spent months getting rid of your love handles, trimming the bush, firming your ass, and finding just the right set of speedos to show off the goods for summer., Now that summer is coming to an end, it’s time toput on that pair on one more time, stop eating as of Thursday, take a laxative the day before and head to the best underwear party in town — swimwear style. Even the bartenders (yes, Luke included) will  have their skimpiest on. And if we’re lucky, DJ Landon James will be in his thong.

9pm. Pumpjack Pub, 1167 Davie St. $5 cover.


One thing I could never get into was being cuffed. I think I’m more of a control freak and prefer being the one giving the pain instead of being restrained. Either that, or I’ve watched way too many horror movies where the restrained person is the first one killed off. However, tonight is all about those that love to cuff and be cuffed —along with other things — at this event that has moved to the last Saturday of every month, starting tonight. Fetish code will be in effect.

9pm–3am. The Hindenburg, 23 W Cordova. Cover $14 before 10pm, $18 after.


Being a sugar junkie, this event caught my eye last time but let me warn you — LOL*POP does not mean you are going to get any candy at this party, but you may still find something to suck on. LOLI is in reference to the sexual attraction to “females” who portray themselves as younger than their age. POP is a type of music often listened to by young girls or gay men who are bottoms. Put them together and an interesting mix of a partygoers (and party favours) is sure to happen. Join Coco, Ilona and their special guest Dynasty for a night that will leave you craving for more.

9pm. The Odyssey. 686 W Hastings St. Cover $5.

Sunday, Aug 28

Duran Duran

The gayest band of my ill-spent youth has apparently lasted as long as I have. It’s been 30 years since I’ve been to their show so I’m hoping to hear a few new numbers —but I guess for the younger people, what’s old to me is still new to them.

7:30pm. Rogers Arena, 800 Griffiths Way. Tickets $45–140, and yes, there are plenty available at More info at


One of the hairiest drag shows in town and surprisingly, one of the best. It even shook  Kitsilano back into life. If you are sweet, sticky or somewhere in-between, then you are going to love this show, presented by Kay Hairy. Featuring Evita Versace, Dust, Carlotta, Jack Slayer, Pu$$y Melk and more.

8pm. Displace Hashery, 3293 West 4th Ave. $10 at door.

Estrellas Del Sur/Southern Stars

Looking for a little Latin flavour in your Sunday night? If you think you can handle a few hot Chicanas then join them at Estrellas Del Sur/Southern Stars,where drag meets Latino. DJ T will be spinning the Latin beats so join la fiesta where everyone has fun.

10pm–3am. The Junction, 1138 Davie St. Cover $5.

Monday, Aug 29

B-Roll: Kill Bill

Since this is the inaugural night of this new monthly drag show, I can’t give you any insight but I am intrigued by the concept. Your favorite movies and TV shows will be retold using an all-star cast of Vancouver’s drag talent, each bringing their own twist to this month’s selection, Kill Bill. Tonight Jane Smokr, Rose Butch and others will show their unique interpretation of members of Bill’s Viper Assassination Squad. Hosted by Dee Blew as Sofie Fatale.

9pm. The Penthouse, 1019 Seymour St. Tickets $10 and info at

Tuesday, Aug 30

Mpowerment Headquarters: Discussion Night Drop-In

A night for young, gay, bi and queer guys to come together to hang out and discuss whatever is on their minds. Have a question or a problem you feel you can’t discuss with people you know? Then this is the group for you. Nobody will condemn, judge or make you feel awkward, because everyone is here for the same reason. Mpowerment Headquarters invites all guys who like guys and their friends to attend!

6:30–9pm. Mpowerment Headquarters, Youthco, 568 Seymour St. Free event.

Storyteller: A Farewell Concert Of Sorts

Queer Prov is losing one of its own, Darren Yorke, as he goes back home to Dublin. Darren is not only a member of Prov but a singer, songwriter and storyteller. Tonight is a farewell concert where Darren will share  his stories, music and songs. Where else could you meet a former storyteller for the National Leprechaun Museum of Ireland?

6:30pm. XYYVR, 1216 Bute St. No cover.

Shame Spiral Presents Drag Lion King

It’s not often I pitch a show two weeks in a row, (and it’s not because Peach Cobblah threatened to have her way with me if I didn’t) but this night is special. Tonight, will be the circle of life — or maybe the circle of shame — as Spiral goes Disney for one night only. Your favourite sweaty mess Peach Cobblah and her drag daughter — the chocolate queen herself — Karmella Barr, do their favourite numbers from Disney’s The Lion King. Be prepared, is all I can say.

10pm. 1181 Davie St. No cover.

Wednesday, Aug 31

Young Composers Concert With Cor Flammae

Cor Flammae puts on a concert that is the culmination of a summer-long composition seminar of young LGBT composers. Under the guidance by members of Cor Flammae and composer Rodney Sharman, these queer songwriters of a new generation get the opportunity to have their work publicly shared  for an audience. You may just witness a young star in the making.

7:30–9:30pm. Pyatt Hall, 843 Seymour St. Tickets $10 (cash only) at door.