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Out in Vancouver: Aug 28–Sept 2, 2015

Choice events in the city this week

(DJs Sollors and Adam Dreaddy play the Odyssey on Friday, Aug 28, 2015, in between Shower Power nights for men on Thursdays and women on Tuesdays./Photo supplied.)

Thursday, Aug 27

Shower Power Men

When I went to shower night at another bar in town, I wanted to get dirty like a little pig with almost every dancer, in or out of the shower. I’ve heard that tonight offers a different take on shower power: buff men, the A&F type, muscle on muscle, where the dirtiest it’s likely to get is “can I lick your balls?” Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with that at all, each have a distinct following and even I like a bit of vanilla over chunky chocolate from time to time. Join me tonight and let’s get a cock’s eye view of the flavour of the week and see where your taste lies. You may even see DJ Del Stamp spinning in a towel. 9pm–3am. The Odyssey Bar, 686 West Hastings St. Cover $5 before 11pm. More info on their Facebook page.

Super Queens: Back It Up

I have to admit that Conni Smudge, Raye Sunshne, and even Carlotta Gurl have been in my pants. No, not that way. They and a few others are all cartoon characters on a new line of Dirt Squirrel undies! Tonight, as a fundraiser for Friends For Life and YouthCO, they will all be performing for you, and maybe autographing said undies if you ask nicely. Have a cocktail in your hand for Carlotta and she will even sign your dirty undies, though you may have to pull them away from her nose! 9pm. Celebrities, 1022 Davie St. Tickets $10 at Stratosphere Hair, 1259 Granville St or or $15 at door.

Friday, Aug 28

GAB Youth Hide n’ Seek

An old partner and I used to hide out in the SFU library many years ago as he had a particular fondness for pounding me in the cartography section, after closing. God knows why the maps section, the poor bastard couldn’t even find his way to a prostate. Now, there’s an afterhours Hide n’ Seek with the GAB Youth, with free rein to run around all six floors of the Vancouver Public Library, plus board games and snacks on the lower level. The librarians will also stick around to share information about the space and introduce participants to the services it provides. This event is restricted to ages 14–25. 6:30–9pm. Vancouver Public Library, 350 West Georgia St. Free event. For more info contact or check out their Facebook page.

Dreaddy & Sollors

No matter where or when I see Adam Dreaddy, he has the best eye candy on his arm. How does he do it? The man must be packing or else DJing generates a lot of fine groupies. Catch Dreaddy and his groupies this Friday night as he teams up with DJ Sollors to get things dark and sexy. These two have the talent and the looks to fill any club with hot gyrating men and loads of energy. Hosted by Vancouver’s rising star Berlin, aka the Queen of the Odyssey Pole. 9pm–3am. The Odyssey Bar, 686 West Hastings St. Cover $5 before 11pm. More info on their Facebook page.

Sunday, Aug 30

Swim With Him

It’s a good thing I can’t swim. A pool filled with men in speedos, all stretching, splashing and grunting. I’d probably get banned from the pool for life! This six-week swimming class in collaboration with the English Bay Swim Club is aimed at gay guys and gay-friendly folks who want to meet people, who have some basic swimming knowledge, and who aren’t afraid of the water. The goal is to train potential future Masters Swimmers to swim 200 meters without stopping, and to consider joining their club. Starts Sundays in September but first you need to register: email or

Gay Days At Wild Waves

I love a good road trip, somewhere where nobody knows me and hopefully won’t be able to identify me afterwards. (Those sketch artists can never capture the real me!) This fundraiser takes place just outside Seattle and supports two great causes: Camp Ten Trees and LGBT Homeless Youth. And it will be hosted by the Imperial Court of Seattle, so you know there is going to be some wet drag! If you have never been to the Wild Waves Theme Park, it’s a great escape to bring you back in touch with your youth. This event will only be open to those who pay for Gay Day at Wild Waves; no general admission park attendees will have access to the Cascade Picnic Grove. 10am–7pm. Wild Waves, 36201 Enchanted Parkway South, Federal Way, Washington state, US. More info on the park’s website and on the Gay Day at Wild Waves’ Facebook page

Monday, Aug 31

Janet Jackson: Unbreakable World Tour

I would have thought that with all the plastic surgery, Michael would have been the unbreakable one. Ah, well. Another drag icon is playing in Vancouver — time for every drag wannabe to arrive as Ms Jackson, dressed to the nines or wearing as little as possible for the SkyTrain ride. Tickets are still available as I’m writing this at 7am on Wednesday, Aug 26. 8pm. Rogers Arena, 800 Griffiths Way. Tickets $106 and up at More info here on Facebook. 

Tuesday, Sept 1

Spin Cycle Tuesdays

I remember going through my parents’ stuff when I was very young and home alone. You know, the secret drawers, boxes in closets — all the stuff that would get us the strap if we got caught. I’ll always remember the night I found my dad’s porn magazines. Apparently he was deep into stripper porn as all the pictures were of strippers sliding on poles. I remember explaining it to my friends at school and we all concluded that the women could stay up on the poles because their vaginas were like suction cups that held them in place! Tonight, enjoy the sexy show in person as the women get a turn in the shower. Spin Cycle is the female version of Shower Power, where the women get wet and wild. (Hopefully nobody will get stuck!) DJs Kasha Kennedy and Skylar Love spin, with host Berlin. 9pm. The Odyssey Bar, 686 West hasting St. Cover $3 or free with 19+ student ID. More info on their Facebook page

Wednesday, Sept 2

Back To School Support Drive

The thought of Carlotta Gurl doing cartwheels down a school corridor sans undies, Conni Smudge snapping towels in the locker room, or any of the other 13 drag queens going back to school may strike fear in some hearts. But rest easy, this is an act of neighbourly love. The students at Lord Roberts School in the West End could use a hand. With a diverse downtown student population of close to 600 kids from a variety of families and income levels, some of them could use a bit of help paying for school supplies. Tonight is your chance to help and be entertained at the same time. 9pm. The Junction, 1138 Davie St. Suggested cover is $5 donation. All monies raised will benefit students in need at Lord Roberts Elementary School. More info on their Facebook page.

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