Out in Vancouver
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Out in Vancouver: June 29–July 4, 2017

Choice events in the city this week

Flygirl Productions celebrates Canada Day on Saturday, July 1 with their Hershe party and Swedish DJ Gunn Lundemo. Credit: Courtesy Flygirl Productions

Thursday, June 29

Glitter is Forever

No, this is not a new play by Dave Deveau, a story of “rags to drag,” the Conni Smudge saga — but that’s not a bad idea. This is the Queeraoke closing party and final blowout for the Queer Arts Festival. Revel in community, effervescent refreshments, and karaoke with lots of glitter.

7–9pm. The Junction, 1138 Davie St. No cover until 9pm. queerartsfestival.com/event/glitter-forever-queeraoke-closing-party/.

My Life Under Water

Meet the author of this uplifting tale about a young man from Port Arthur, Ontario who senses his affinity for the water isn’t the only thing that makes him feel different. A semi-autobiographical novel, My Life Underwater weaves a series of quirky coincidences and offers illuminating insights into a young man’s coming-of-age story.

7:30–10:30pm. Little Sister’s Bookstore, 1238 Davie St. No entrance fee. facebook.com/events/1867309890185953/.

Luscious Moov: Bling

What better way to get tuned up for a hot long weekend than non-stop smoky vocals and funky, soulful beats as a seven-piece crowd-engaging band performs live. Get down to some big, live, sexy tunes courtesy Luscious Moov and DJ Luis Machuca of Friskybeat Records. Bust out your inner diva and dance like everybody’s watching, because they really are.

9pm–2am. XYYVR, 1216 Bute St. Tickets $10 at Eventbrite.

Friday, June 30

Victoria Pride

Friends tell me that the best Pride is the one at home surrounded by friends and chosen family. I say bull; the best ones are the ones you travel to where nobody knows you and you can be whomever or whatever you want to be. Here is your chance! It’s not too far away, but far enough. This may be your chance to score a tipsy Ruff man as Victoria gears up for Pride. Check out the events and parade or, if feeling particularly Pride-ish, volunteer your time. Events run until Sunday, July 9.

Info, events and tickets at victoriapridesociety.org/

Beers At the Brighton

It may not be Brighton Beach, but this Brighton is a little closer to home, and better to stagger from. Brought to you by the Non-Scene Gay 20/30 Somethings of Vancouver. Come join them on the patio at the season’s first meet up and check out future events. If there is a “bring your dad night,” you know where to find me.

7:30pm. The Brighton, 2471 E Hastings St. No cover. meetup.com/quiivr/events/240874953/


Victoria, lock up your boys. Ruff is coming to town and you don’t want them to see how these men can tear up their daddy. Get ready for Victoria Pride as the hottest men of Ruff drop trou in your quiet burg. Throw Colin, Jesse, Shane, leather, gear, rubber, jocks and DJ Mumbles all together in one room and there will be so much testosterone even your momma could grow a beard.

9pm–2am. Paparazzi, 642 Johnston St, Victoria. $20 at door. facebook.com/events/975575059212096

House Of B*tches

The perfect name for a new reality show with Raye Sunshine, Robyn Graves, Peach Cobblah and Del Stamp — or, as I like to call them, three tucks and a tramp. This show features Ilona, Rich Elle, Lux and Eva Scarlett as they hit the stage performing all Canadian hits. Probably a lot of Geddy Lee, Anne Murray and Celine to be heard, and the best way to quaff a few bevvies and kick off the weekend the Canadian way — with a hangover.

9:30pm. The Junction, 1138 Davie St. Cover $5. junctionpub.com

FuKr Jock/Harness

What would a long weekend in Vancouver be without a night of dirty jocks, sweaty leather, rooms filled with man scent and lots of fur? I’ve got you covered. FuKr comes back to the city to spread some boys, errr, I mean cheer.

10pm–3am. The Odyssey, 686 W Hastings St. Tickets $10 and up, and info at manupp.net/.

Saturday, July 1

Van-Pah 5th Anniversary

This is like 25 years in pup years, so get out your old dogs and pups and celebrate along with Van-Pah as they play, romp, nuzzle and nip through their fifth anniversary. Join in or just come down to socialize and rub a few bellies.

2–4pm. Pumpjack Pub, 1167 Davie St. No cover. facebook.com/groups/vanpah/

Absolut BBQ

I know what you’re thinking: BBQ, flames, Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, alcohol and probably Carlotta Gurl — something is going up in flames. Probably Carlotta’s panties as she cartwheels over the BBQ (bush fire comes to mind). Join the Sisters as they celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday by serving you up some hot meat. All proceeds will benefit the Sisters’ chosen charities.

3–7pm. The Junction, 1138 Davie St. $10 gets you a hot hunk of meat and an Absolut surprise. Entrance by donation. facebook.com/YVRsisters/

Canada Day Charity BBQ

It is the Dogwood Monarchist Society so I can’t say there won’t be a few queens supporting the Canada Day festivities, but where there is a queen there is usually a king or at least a few groupies. Have a few drinks, partake in the royal meat (or veggie) feast. Tunes and entertainment from DJ Domtop and the House Of Delusion. All proceeds benefit the DMS charities.

4–8pm. XYYVR, 1216 Bute St. entrance by donation. facebook.com/DMSVancouver/

Hershe Canada Day

A good contest for Flygirl would be to figure out how many ounces of tequila have been consumed at all Flygirl events over the last ten years. My bet would be enough to fill an Olympic pool. These girls know how to party, and funny thing is, I have never seen one hung over afterwards. The drinks are cold and the women are hot so what are you waiting for?

10pm–4am. The Odyssey, 686 W Hastings St. Tickets $15 at flygirlproductions.com/.

Sunday, July 2

Queers and Board Games

The Non Scene 20/30 Somethings are at it again. This time it’s board games — lots of them. Everyone is welcome, even if you have never played board games before. If you don’t feel like having brunch, you are more than welcome to join afterwards.

11am–6pm. Board Game Warriors, 708 Clarkson St, New Westminster. No cover. facebook.com/events/236528553517850.

Freaky Tiki

If you’ve ever been to a Sin City party then you know they have to go a long way to get freaky — let alone Tiki. This time they may just have done it. They’re taking over the whole bottom level and outside areas of the legendary Waldorf, complete with an extra Temptation Tent installation. No dress code in the main areas, with beach, summer, Tiki, retro, fetish, jungle, wild animal, bare as you dare and sexy swimwear encouraged — but be advised that the Hideaway Room and Temptation Tent are accessible to those in fetish/kinky/risqué/scandalous attire only. Enjoy fire performers, DJs, a black light makeout room and more.

7–11pm, outdoor party. 11pm–2am, inside party. The Waldorf Hotel, 1489 E Hastings St. Tickets $20 at ticketzone.com. Info at facebook.com/groups/sincityfetishnight/.

Babes On Babes: Queer Long Weekend Jam

Finally, a long weekend where the women’s parties outnumber the men’s. This collective of artists, DJs and promoters showcases and celebrates local and international queer talent. Tonight they bring you Armistice, a thriving DJ duo formed by a pair of openly queer female twins. Their tag team DJ set includes a wide variety of genres including EDM, deep house, tropical house, future house, top 40, mashups, bass music, bounce house, electronic, minimal, g-house and more.

10pm–2am. Fortune Sound Club, 147 E Pender St. $15 at the door. facebook.com/events/1699703933667824/

Monday, July 3

QueerProv: Audience Appreciation Night

I love being appreciated, especially as a customer. It’s the only time I can get waited on and not have to put out. Tonight is a bit of a twist, as you, the audience, will get to choose which games the Queerprovers play. Have a favourite game you want to see? Submit it to the director at bill.taylor@queerprov.com.

8–10pm. XYYVR, 1216 Bute St. No cover. facebook.com/queerprov/

Tuesday, July 4


An open mic performance night by, and for, queer youth, seniors and allies, with treats, the first Tuesday of every month. Though its focus is on showcasing the voices of queer youth, elders, and allies, anyone is welcome to come read, sing, dance, drag, lip synch, or otherwise entertain in an alternative space to the bar scene.

7–9pm. The Roundhouse, 181 Roundhouse Mews. Suggested donation $5. facebook.com/planetquirke/