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Out in Vancouver: Nov 10–16, 2016

Choice events in the city this week

Storytellers Ivan Coyote and Vivek Shraya perform together at The Cultch on Nov 12, 2016. Credit: Arsenal Pulp Press

Thursday, Nov 10

Babes On Babes

It’s a multi-room queer party with nine DJs and a mission to create a fun, inclusive, safer party vibe that showcases the vibrancy of local and international queer talent.

9pm–2am. Alexander Gastown, 91 Powell St. Cover $15 at door.

House Thursday

Is this a clever attempt at reverse psychology? I normally stay home on Thursday nights but this intriguing title is making me want to leave the house to see what I am missing. DJ Rafael Calvente and host Berlin get your long weekend started off right.

10pm–2am. XYYVR, 1216 Bute St. No cover.

Hershe Bar

Maybe Leigh and Mandy should start taking over some men’s parties as this duo has been successful for years putting on one of the best events for women in this or any city. Hard to remember when a men’s party lasted more than five years, excluding the ones that come from other cities. What do they say, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it? Tonight, they are heating things up with out and proud transman DJ Automaton and Flygirl vet Riki Rocket.

10pm–2am. Red Room Ultra Bar, 398 Richards St. Tickets $15 at Little Sister’s, 1238 Davie St, or online at

Long Weekend Kick-off

I know some afternoons it looks like soldiers of both world wars are having drinks in PJ’s, but I think that’s just the lighting. I try not to drink there in the early afternoon unless I’m feeling the need to be the young pretty one for a change. At nightfall the mood changes and tonight is no different: hot men in military gear is the theme for this Remembrance Day kick-off and if DJ Del Stamp has finished his North American tour (not DJ’ing but seeing in which city his prostate gets pounded the hardest) he will be spinning the tunes.

10pm. Pumpjack Pub, 1167 Davie St. No cover.

Friday, Nov 11

Eye Roll: Another F#%$ing 90s Party

Peach Cobblah is like a bad burrito: it just stays with you wherever you go. But the old doll brings you yet another great event and even she knows you just rolled your eyes, hence the name. Get sweaty to 90s jams with DJ Zach Shore and a special guest performer, Isolde N Barron. I’m told Peach does tricks for a bag of chips, and she loves chips.

8pm–2am. XYYVR, 1216 Bute St. Cover $5.

Ruff Seattle

The boys of Ruff are taking it to Washington state. DJ King of Pants from Seattle and from Vancouver, DJ King of No Pants, aka DJ Del Stamp, will be spinning as go-go bears Glenn, Jesse and Bolt grind it at eye level. Sponsored by Steamworks Seattle and MN Events, this is a night not to be missed. Finally, Kevin Kretsinger can stay home in Seattle and eat as much Canadian beef as he wants and not have to cross a border hung to the tits, ahh those American boys. 

9pm–2am. Chop Suey, 1325 East Madison St, Seattle. Tickets $15 at or Diesel, 1413–14th Ave, Seattle.

Rhinestone Phoenix: The Crowning

I remember the last time I was crowning, it was at Nordstrom’s and I couldn’t find a bathroom anywhere. I had to sit and try on shoes that cost well over a month’s salary just to get a chair, but that’s a whole other story for another day. Tonight is the Rising Phoenix Show and a different kind of crowning, featuring DJ Drew, Kiwi Stevens, Casha Only and John Taylor.

9:30pm–3am. The Junction, 1138 Davie St. Cover $5.

Wet & Wild

For me the best place to see hot, naked, hairy, hung men showering is my place, but a close second is at the bar. Though at the bar they won’t let me soap them up. . . But tonight the men in the shower and the DJ booth are so frigging hot that I will let that go. This is the place to be to start the long weekend off with a bang (or maybe a thud when something slaps against the glass wall — picture that and tell me you’re not sold). DJ Nick Bertossi is the man with the power making you move your feet.

10pm. Pumpjack Pub, 1167 Davie St. $5 cover after 9pm.


Finally, a night named after me. Contrary to a popular misconception, it does not stand for “DJs I like to fuck,” a rumour perpetuated by a certain DJ for sure (it is at Steamworks after all). It stands for “daddies I like to fuck” — so now I can just sit back and wait for the masses of boys to flow in. A night for men over 35 and the men who want them. Now that would make a good T-shirt. DJ Zarfan spins to get you in the mood.

10pm–4am. Steamworks Baths, 123 West Pender St. Weekend rates start at $17 for a locker and $25 for rooms.

Saturday, Nov 12

Women’s Night At Wilde Oscar’s

Someone once asked if I wanted to go to a fire pit in the “Wack” and, not knowing they meant Chilliwack, I was all excited about a circle jerk around a fire pit. Obviously not the whack I was hoping for, but I got Smores. Pack up the trailer, load up the tequila, feed the cats and break out the thong because there’s a party going on for the women. Take a short road trip and shake your booty at this women’s only night.

7:30pm–1am. Wilde Oscar’s Pub, 45886 Wellington Ave, Chilliwack. Tickets $10, directions and more info at

Pretty Good

How many of you can say you feel this way on a Saturday during a long weekend? From the looks of people I saw last night around town I am guessing not many. This type of Pretty Good is a new show by writer and storyteller (and former Xtra columnist) Ivan Coyote and poet/musician Vivek Shraya. Join these two artists as they revisit family origins, sing about scars and skeletons, and perform brand new material from their new books Tomboy Survival Guide and The Boy & The Bindi. As an added treat, special guest Amber Dawn will be attending as well.

8pm. York Theatre, 639 Commercial Dr. Tickets $25 adult, $20 senior/student at

Battle Of The Bulge

Guys, we went through this last time: bulge means below the belt, not above the belt (that is a different night coming later this month). Tonight is for all men. Be proud and show off the bulge you’ve got at this underwear and jock party presented by Joe Whitaker of San Francisco’s Man Upp Events. DJ Max Bruce from LA will provide the beats to get your junk shifting.

9pm–3am. Hindenburg, 23 W Cordova St. Tickets $10 at More info at

Salacious Saturdays

Who knew a DJ and dance floor in a bathhouse would be this popular. Maybe Ryan Steele and Amy Goodmurphy could be convinced to do a show here. Look what it did for Bette Midler, entertaining the gays in towels, although I don’t know which one would be peeking under the towels more, Amy or Ryan. DJ Gingerbear gets the towels flapping to the beats and if you need to take a break there are lots of places to lie back and unload, I mean relax. Gingerbear and a couple of Viagra and you are good to go till the early morning hours.

11pm–5am. Steamworks Baths, 123 W Pender St. Weekend rates start at $17.

Sunday, Nov 13

Xy Legends

These queens really are the masters of illusion: it’s their one-year anniversary and they look younger than before. I wonder if they could help me and a few of my very old friends recapture our youth — he got untied last night. Former Empress Jaylene Tyme and guests recreate the incredible looks of Dolly Parton, Tina Turner, Mariah Carey and many more. Definitely a good date night out.

8-11pm. XYYVR, 1216 Bute St. Cover $5.


You know what they say: when the queen is away, the raunchier queen likes to play. Pull up your zipper and tighten your belt because Carlotta is loose at Sanctuary, while Alma is away. Join Carlotta Gurl and Eva Scarlett as they promise to blow you . . . away with their illusions. DJ Riley Cox will be spinning the tunes, when he can get the time since Carlotta’s hands will be down his pants. (She’ll be the envy of the crowd, I’m sure.)

9pm–12am. 1181, 1181 Davie St. No cover but it fills up fast.

Monday, Nov 14

LGBTQ Elders Abuse Symposium

Eventually we are all susceptible to elder abuse, though LGBT individuals are at greater risk, since little is said or known about this issue. Join organizers of this event for a screening and a discussion of films completed as part of an intergenerational arts project funded by the BC Council to Reduce Elder Abuse. All caregivers, family members, elders, seniors’ workers and LGBT youth are welcome to attend.

3–5:30pm. Roundhouse Performance Centre, 181 Roundhouse Mews. The event is free of charge but please call 604-713-1800 to register, course # 78060.

Mr, Ms, Miss Gay Vancouver AGM

Rhinestone Phoenix Charity Foundation is holding their annual general meeting. Drop by and hear about all the groups they have helped, and their plans for the upcoming year.

6:30–8:30pm. Qmunity, 1170 Bute St.

Wednesday, Nov 16

Bear Hump

I don’t remember giving anyone permission to use my online name for a party, even if it is a new mid-week gathering of furry men that want to play alone, in a couple, or all out fun in a group. I think it is only fair I get a few free admission nights for that. It does sound like fun, though. See you there.

3–9pm. Steamworks Baths, 123 W Pender St. Weekday rates start at $15.