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Out in Vancouver: Oct 13-18, 2016

Choice events in the city this week

Fierce & Fearless, at the Vancouver International Puppet Festival on Oct 14 and 16, 2016, is a coming-of-age story of a 1970s youth who visits the gay village for the first time.

Thursday, Oct 13

Halloween Expo

Halloween, the biggest drag show in town where every guy borrows a dress — from Peach Cobblah — and gets all tarted up to try drag for the “first” time. This weekend you can get the drop on Halloween and have a dry run before the end of the month as this festival has an exhibition, performance and even a grand parade down Granville Street.

7-9pm tonight, Performing Arts at Tom Lee Music, 929 Granville St.

12-8pm Thursday and Friday, Exhibition at UBC Robson Square, 800 Robson St.

11am Sunday, Grand Parade, starting at Howe and Drake streets.

Tickets $25 per event or a $40 super pass for access to all. Complete info at


I am a bit old for this group but if they need a mentor, I am just a call away. This is a theatre-based counselling group for queer youth 14-25 who will explore the complexities of gender and sexual identity through writing and performing works they produce. This group runs until Thursday, April 29. No charge.

5-7pm. Qmunity, 1033 Davie St.  Email for more information.

Objets D’Arc

I guess it’s spelled in a fancier way because it isn’t for us rough, tough guys who would say “art objects” while downing a beer. This is an evening to empower women and femme-identifying persons to reveal the oppression and objectification of women/femmes through art and music. There’ll be artwork for sale by various artists, performances, and DJ Rachel Fay spinning R&B throughout the night. CITR Radio and Discorder Magazine sponsor.

7pm-12am. Vancouver Art & Leisure, 1965 Main St. $5 entry.

Friday, Oct 14

Vancouver International Puppet Festival

This festival brings not only the best puppet shows around but includes a gay puppet show, Fierce & Fearless, tonight at 9:15pm. Set in the 1970s, it’s a story about a youth who heads off for his first time to the gay village and gets more than he hoped for. 

Festival runs until Sunday, Oct 16. For a complete list of shows, tickets, times, workshops and panels go to

Vancouver Men In Leather Social

It’s been a while since I’ve attended one of these events, mainly because I don’t have much leather. It’d take two cows to make my pants. Plus, I always picture PETA at the door  — when I’m drunk and have finally scored a date — tossing red paint on me screaming “butcher” like they did once (sans paint) when I was only looking at denim pants in a store. I’m due for a fun night with VML in that cozy pool table area behind the curtain. Catch up with old brothers and meet new. Bring some experienced or curious fetish-friendly friends. Fresh meat is always welcome. Come for the leather but stay for the shower strippers afterwards.

8-11pm. Pumpjack Pub, 1167 Davie St. Cover $5 unless you wear leather.

Hustla: Fall Back, Crawl Back

Summer is over, and I thought that damn Peach Cobblah would have dried up like a prune by now but the old gal is going strong and bringing you a new Hustla. It’s always sweaty and weird at The Cobalt as Hustla: Homo Hip Hop returns. The best music, drag queens and the cutest crowd are all on offer. Don’t know anybody? The queens will introduce you — or Peach will just keep you all to herself.  

10pm-2am. The Cobalt, 917 Main St. Cover $5.

Saturday, Oct 15

Fame Nights Vancouver

Can you picture me as a DJ? Neither can I. My tolerance for drugs is zip, every groupie will be taken advantage of, and tequila will induce me to sing while you dance. All in all, not a pretty sight. Tonight’s event is for those who don’t have access to the resources, training and, community that will allow them to thrive. Local DJs, event producers and various community folks provide training.  Learn about event production roles, DJ tools, and mixing,  or come jam during open dex time.

1:30-9pm. Creative Coworkers, 343 Railway St. Workshops $8, open dex $5. Register at Info at

VML Oktoberfest Potluck

If you’ve never seen me at an Oktoberfest, count your blessings. I like to have fun, especially at a yearly event where they will never remember me being tossed out the previous year. Drinking, singing, all the sausage I can fit in my mouth, and seeing how many times I can get my hand up a cute man’s lederhosen are usually my goals. Vancouver Men In Leather are having their get-together early so they can carry on at Pumpjack later. This is not a play party but there will be an area where you can wear your gear.

5:30-8:30pm. 1515 Granville St.

Chuck, Be A Lady Tonight

I’m sure that at one time or another before coming out you were out on a date, the night is coming to an end and there you are, necking up a storm. You slide your hand up a nylon-covered thigh and end up with a fist-full of balls. Happens to the best of us. Chances are the one who screamed is the one who ended up a drag queen, possibly one in tonight’s show. Kitsch n’ Sync brings you a fun and whacky Vegas-style drag show featuring Dame Hope Diamond, Tatiana Sway, John Kelly Macintyre and the Unstoppable Conni Smudge — yes, she’s the one who screamed.

6:45-10:15pm. The Columbia, 530 Columbia St, New Westminster. Dinner included with tickets,  $59 regular, $69 VIP at 604-522-4500.

Ruff Victoria Edition

The Men of Ruff are coming to Victoria, so lock up the boys and hide your men. The horniest DJ in North America, Del Stamp, joins them to lay down the tunes and give you his leftovers. So many hot men in one spot are a treat for the queen’s city. I’ll get HIM to air-drop a few cases of condoms. Don’t worry about lube, Vancouver men are tough.

9pm-2am. Paparazzi Nightclub, 642 Johnson St, Victoria. Tickets $15 at and at the door. 

Bears Night Out

Unlike the Russian circus, Pumpjack doesn’t chain their dancing bears. They may want to start because those bears are horny little devils and it’s getting close to hibernating time. Tonight every bear in town will be searching out cubs, other bears, and maybe even an otter or two to have some fun with. Cover yourself in honey and see how many you attract. Personally, I’m a peanut butter man but the chunky kinds can hurt.

9pm. Pumpjack Pub, 1167 Davie St. $5 cover.

Sunday, Oct 16

East Van Garage Sale

I am finally going to share the secret of my haute couture so you can look as fashionable as I do. The secret is to have a huge garage sale that also sells Caesars, has karaoke and a DJ. Once you’ve had brunch with a few mimosas head to the sale and have a few more Caesars. You’ll look good in anything. They have everything from nail art, t-shirts, pants, shirts, dresses, shoes and more. You name it and someone there will be selling it. With no change rooms, you can watch the hot studs as they strip off to try on the vintage shirts. All the gays in the village usually show up at one time or another.  

1-8pm. Astoria Hastings, 769 E Hastings St. $2 cover.

XY Sunday Legends

This promises to be an awesome show as Jaylene Tyme, Jane Smokr and the Davie St Diva herself, Mandy Kamp, bring you the Ladies of Rock.  I can just picture Mandy as Tina Turner but watch the hip, dear. I think Jane would make a perfect Courtney Love and for Jaylene, she has the moves to be a great Joan Jett. It’s definitely the show to see on a Sunday night.

8-11pm. XYYVR, 1216 Bute St.  Cover $5.

Monday, Oct 17

Acquired Community By Jane Byers

Queer, Nelson-based poet Jane Byers presents her new book of poetry, Acquired Community, which is a reflection on the devastation wrought by AIDS, the early gay-rights movement, and gay elders’ memories.

7pm. Little Sister’s Bookstore, 1238 Davie St. No cover.

Tuesday, Oct 18

Tales From The West End

I may not be Armistead Maupin but I could sure tell you some tales about people from the West End. Then again, I don’t think they are PC enough for a mixed group to hear. Join in on the third Tuesday of each month and learn the history about the village at an evening of mingling, storytelling, dishing and refreshments. Feel free to tell your West End story so it can live on.

5:45-7:30pm. JJ Bean, 1209 Bidwell St. No charge.

Adele Barclay Book Launch

Adele Barclay launches her collection of poetry, If I Were In A Cage I’d Reach Out For You, at an evening of fun readings, featuring DJ Furious Green Cloud’s tunes, slutty tarot card readings, cake and door prizes.

7pm-12am. The Emerald, 555 Gore St. No cover.