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Out in Vancouver: Oct 27-Nov 1, 2016

Choice events in the city this week

The bold, brassy, soul-shaking sound of Queer As Funk returns to the Fortune Sound Club for the third edition of their Motown-infused Halloween show, Fear As Funk, on Oct 29, 2016.  Credit: Derek Stevens/Fubarfoto

For Halloween, Daily Xtra brings you an extended list of all the events, parties and afterparties going on in Vancouver. Get your costumes and dance moves ready for this promising and very, very spooky weekend.

Thursday, Oct 27

Trivia Night

Not everything this weekend is about costumes, candy and boys — just 99.9 percent of it. This event is for the rest who want to have fun and wake up not knowing the harsh reality of the hangovers we will partake in over the next four days.  Mpowerment’s pub-style contest will test your knowledge of queer, sexual health and Halloween trivia. All guys who like guys, and their friends are welcome to attend.

6:30–9pm. Mpowerment Headquarters. 205-568 Seymour St. No charge for entrance.

Bratpack Reunites for Halloween Special

It may be an early party in this jam-packed weekend of ghosts and ghouls but as they say, the more the merrier. Join Jane Smokr, Valynne Vile, Thanks Gem and Gia Metric as they reunite for a Halloween special. What’s scarier this time around is that they plan to sing their own songs. Just kidding. Even the drunk me is not ready for that yet. DJ Nick Bertossi will play for you all night long.

10pm–3am. The Junction, 1138 Davie St. Cover $7. 

Friday, Oct 28

P-CAN Naked Halloween 

You’d think this would be the easiest party to find a costume for as you are all naked — and really, who’s looking at your face? I’ve got the perfect outfit but just need the balls to wear it. It’s a grey belt with two big floppy ears on each side and grey body paint from the waist down, then big eyes painted on my cheeks and a big elephant trunk butt plug inserted very slowly — it will be the best animal there. Come join the naked fun at one of the last nights Club 8×6 will be open.

8pm–2am. Club 8×6, 1775 Haro St. $15 cover at door, $10 for PCAN members.  

Glamour Trash Zombie Prom

Glam trash is a good costume ensemble and a look my friend Sydney rocks every time we go drinking. Glamour Trash brings you a two-room, ’90s-themed rager of a Halloween party. DJs Evilyn13, Taffi Louis and Trilliam Gibson are on tune-spinning duty. Don your favourite version of a schoolboy, schoolgirl, cheerleader, jock or zombie. If you’re sans costume, no problem. Just come for the fun. 

9pm–12am. The Hindenburg, 23 W Cordova St. Tickets $20 at Deadly Couture, 317 Cambie St or

Bawdyhaus: Homo Hero Halloween

We all have our fave go-to parties. For me, this is it. There are so many guys after me, I feel like a tootsie pop. DJs Philip Grasso and Gingerbear Todd will be in cahoots with host Alma B Itches to bring you a night of tights, masks and superheroes aplenty. Holding out for a hero? Take your pick from Tyler, Thomas, Boy Spence, Shane, Tim or just grab that little red hobbit Gingerbear and have your way with him. 

9pm–3am. The Odyssey, 686 West Hastings St. Tickets $20 at door. 

Man Up: Haunted Homos

As if the Cobalt isn’t scary enough, Man Up brings you their second biggest party of the year — a ghoulish gender adventure with DJs She & Miss M, plus a harrowing drag revue featuring some of the city’s best and scariest.

9pm-2am. The Cobalt, 917 Main St. Tickets $20 at door.


Tonight is a first for Matt Troy. I’m finally going to get him — not really, but it’s a special night. It’s the first-ever Vancouver Art & Leisure VALoWEEN with 10 local DJs. Berlin, Cinnamon Winters and Poison Apple host. Gay, straight, costume or plain-clothed are invited to indulge in all the tricks and all the treats.

9pm. Vancouver Art & Leisure, 1965 Main St. No advance tickets. RSVP on FB, $20.

Sienna Blaze’s Halloween Divas

Since there are so many great events this weekend, it’s only natural many queens of previous generations will dust off the cobwebs and make their way back to the big city to entertain us. Wigs will be washed, costumes will be cleaned — and, hopefully — balls will be tucked with extra care and the drink tickets will flow. Kamelle Toe, Valynne Vile and DJ Drew join forces with Sienna, so let’s get this party started. 

9:30pm–3am. The Junction, 1138 Davie St. Cover $8.


Now let’s be honest, if Strongjaws is the wolf, when they “release the beast,” who in their right mind is going to say no? I’ll be at the front of the line saying, “Eat whatever you want, and please come back for seconds.” Strongjaws and Berlin bring you a dark and seductive Halloween experience. DJ Zach Shore, drag performances, go-go dancers and costume prizes round out the night. 

10pm. XYYVR, 1216 Bute St. Cover $10 at door. 

Saturday, Oct 29

Parade Of Lost Souls: The WILD & After Party

I’ve never attended one of these events. I tried the Zombie March one year in its infancy but got just a wee bit tipsy and woke up to a nightmare of makeup all over my bed sheets. In hindsight, this event would have gone better for me if I’d dressed like a lost soul. The parade route is a secret until midnight the night before, but usually begins off Commercial Drive. The Lost Souls party follows. 

Parade 7–10pm. Route revealed at which will not be an active site until midnight Friday, Oct 28. Lost Souls Party, 9pm–2am. Royal Canadian Legion, 2205 Commercial Dr. Tickets at website only and are $25. 

Humpkin Pies

Sounds like something you would serve as snacks at a Steamworks orgy. Start your Halloween festivities off right with a special edition of Boutique Cabaret featuring Malvina Masvino. Cabaret, drag and drinks — the perfect combination hosted by Diabolical Dr K and helper kitty, Tequila Teaze.

7–10pm. XYYVR, 1216 Bute St. No cover. 

Fear As Funk III

I have done the listings for years and have yet to make it to a Queer As Funk show. By the time I get around to it, either none of my friends will go or there are no tickets left. So if sometime you are stuck for a Queer As Funk date, feel free to contact me. Tonight marks their third go at Fear As Funk and we all love an early show. Queer As Funk brings together 10 of the city’s hottest musicians in an explosive, high-energy dance band; their repertoire is a blend of beloved funk, soul and Motown classics of the ’60s and ’70s. Post a picture of you in costume at the show and you could win a prize.

7–10pm. Fortune Sound Club, 147 E Pender St. Ticket $20 at For more info, visit 

Duelling DJs Halloween Costume Ball For Women

Duelling DJs is a great concept. Have a couple oil up and wrestle it out, fire paint guns at 20 paces, or maybe have a dance-off with the winner earning the right to be the paid DJ for the night. Tonight is the annual Halloween dance party that is always a spooky affair, including a costume parade — and yes, there’s a prize for best costume, plus lots of women to party the night away. 

7:30pm–12am. Croatian Cultural Centre, 3250 Commercial Dr. Tickets $20 at 


I hear only cockroaches can survive an apocalypse. Now I’m not saying Del Stamp is like a cockroach, but that old queen will be DJing long after we’ve all been up to see St Peter. He is everywhere and knows every glory hole in North America — like the Dorian Gray of the gays. Tonight, PJ is where the men will be, dressed to the nines in apocalyptic gear. Yes, Stamp will be in the house, plus go-go dancers, hot staff and me — what more do you need? 

8pm–4am. Pumpjack Pub, 1167 Davie St. Cover $8.  

Zombie Graveyard

Wasn’t this the nickname of the old Dufferin Bar? And who would be a better graveyard host than resident zombie, Carlotta Gurl. I swear, people on The Walking Dead weigh more than this gurl. The night promises lots of surprises and guests — even a $200 best costume prize is up for grabs.  

9pm–4am. The Junction, 1138 Davie St. Cover $15 at door.

Black Magic

I loves me a black-light party. Everyone looks good, you can tell who doesn’t brush their teeth, and sweat stains don’t show up. It’s the perfect place for a first date. Join hosts Ilona and Coco Klein for a sexy adventure as the club is transformed into a dark, glowing, magical realm.  It’ll get your blood pumping and butts bumping as DJs Landon James and Harris lay down the beats. 

9pm–4am. The Odyssey, 686 W Hastings St. Tickets $20 at For more info, visit 

Ghoul’s Night Out

The Flygirl women are getting ready to do Halloween in style — cult-film style, that is. They are turning a club in the village into a Halloween and film funhouse. Imagine ET meets Freddy Krueger. If you scare easy you might want to find someone to huddle and cuddle up with early. DJ Tanner will spin all your favourites from the ’80s up to the present. 

9pm–3am. Playhouse Nightclub, 1240 Thurlow St. Tickets $15 at Little Sister’s, 1238 Davie St or

Stranger Queens

Yes, believe it or not, Vancouver has a few strange queens. I don’t want to name names because those biatches can be vindictive. I know because I stood on the train of one of their gowns by mistake at coronation and almost got my testicles shoved down my throat. I’m okay with anyone else’s but not my own, which is just wrong. Tonight, the strangest-of-the-strange will lay down an interpretation of their favourite TV shows. Jane Smokr, Mila Dramatic and Robyn Graves headline, with music by the always strangely hunky DJ Nick Bertossi.

10pm–3am. XYYVR, 1216 Bute St. Tickets $20–$25 at For more info, visit 

Love Presents Party Monster

For all you party monsters out there, here is your ultimate two-floor, blow-out dance party where wild makeup, wild costumes and excess rule the dance floor. Inspired by the eccentric nightlife culture of the ’70s, ’80s and ’90s, they’re going all out to celebrate your wild side. Dress code: anything goes — anything and everything you’ve ever dreamed of. Shanda Leer plays host, ably assisted by a trio of DJs to keep you moving all night. $1000 best costume prize.

10pm–3am. Fox Cabaret, 2321 Main St. Tickets $28 at 

Sunday, Oct 30

PJ Kegger

Had enough of costumes, dry-ice drinks, zombies and fake blood and just want a place to get back to normal? Want a place with cold beer, pool, and men that just shove their hands down your pants as a way to say “hi” to you? This is your place. From vanilla to wild, you’ll find who you are looking for, and not a costume in sight. 

1pm–late. Pumpjack Pub, 1167 Davie St. No cover. 

Haunted Hallows Eve

Looks like this weekend’s hotspot is the Bermuda Triangle of Davie Village — the spot in between Junction, Pumpjack and XYYVR — where you lose all sense of time and money, and wake up with a total stranger in some room god-knows-where. That’s when you know you’ve had a good time. The circus comes to Davie, complete with a flying aerialist spinning on the silks high above your head, a human doll that will come to life in a mesmerizing contortion act, juggler Chris Murdoch who will wow you with his sleight-of-hand, and drag king Buster Cherry who will grace the event.

7pm. The Junction, 1138 Davie St. Cover $15 with proceeds in support of the Huntington Society of Canada. More info at 

A Sanctuary Halloween Goodbye To Katy Hairy

The amazing Katy Hairy gets a send-off befitting a queen as she heads off to jail — oops, I mean another province, yeah that’s it. This is your chance to say a last farewell to the queen who once had candy sprinkles as nail polish — that’s one way to get them eating out of your hand. Sprinkles anywhere else, Katy? Your church on Davie will be rocking tonight. 

10pm–1am. 1181, 1181 Davie St. No cover. 

Monday, Oct 31

The Very Scary Queerprov Halloween Show

A hilarious and scary Queerprov show where they will be making up Halloween-themed scenes for the evening. Come in costume. Free candy. Lots of fun.

8–11pm. XYYVR, 1216 Bute St. No cover.


Escape yourself for a night. Dress up in a poorly constructed tribute to your favourite musicians — dead or alive. Judged and hosted by some of the city’s brightest shining impersonators, Skaraoke is the local step-stool to stardom. Wow the judges and win huge cash prizes.

9pm–1am. The Cobalt, 916 Main St. No cover.

B Roll Batman

Where else but Vancouver would you find a group of drag queens and kings putting on their own take of top movies? This month they take on the Dark Knight himself, Batman. Dynasty as Batman, Gia Metric as the Joker, Carlotta Gurl as the Catwoman (twirling and cartwheeling to distract the Batman, I am sure), plus many others. Dee Blew, aka Mr Freeze, hosts. Best customer costume scores drink tickets.

9pm. The Penthouse Nightclub, 1019 Seymour St. Tickets $12-17 at For more info, visit 

End Of The World

Now after my whole cockroach vs DJ Stamp story, I’m guessing you think he is DJing tonight as well. Wrong. Tonight, DJ Quest takes charge of the tunes as the End of The World approaches. Interesting to see what costumes are the most popular: Mad Max, Zombie, Alien, religious or my favourite — Doctor Who, because I get to wear the long coat and nothing else.

9pm. Pumpjack Pub, 1167 Davie St. No cover. 


It’s hard not to write about one particular DJ as he is at almost every event in town. And I think that those of you who know him well enough can say that his event should not be called (RES)Erection. A more fitting title is (PERMA)Erection. Tie it down, man. Steamworks and Junction team up for a special Halloween night — on the actual night, go figure. Bonus is that industry night prices are still in effect all night. 

10pm–3am. The Junction, 1138 Davie St. Cover $3. 

Tuesday, Nov 1

Dirty Little Secrets

I’m sure many of us will have these after such a huge party weekend in Vancouver but I’m referring to the hit improv show from New York City’s East Village. Maybe one of the dirty little things you did will show up in the show — or maybe in one of the seats. Join a cast of Vancouver’s top improv artists for a night of exploring anonymous secrets that you have given to Dr Spill. 

7:30-9pm. XYYVR, 1216 Bute St. No cover.