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Out in Vancouver: Oct 9–14, 2015

Choice events in the city this week

(Join artist Richard Frechette for opening night of his exhibit at the PumpJack Pub on Oct 9, 2015, and watch a live painting session./Image courtesy of Richard Frechette.)

Friday, Oct 9


I haven’t written anything lately about Vancouver’s own pig boy, and people have actually messaged me to see if he’s all right! Piggy is alive and well and was in Folsom, researching to find the absolute best Halloween costume with the least amount of fabric. (Stay tuned: that party will take place later this month.) For now, Del Stamp aka Delzilla, is back DJing tonight completing his RUFF tour — no really, that’s a thing. He’ll be playing with Rob Winter and the Men of Ruff. 9pm–2am. The Pint, 455 Abbott St. Tickets $20 in advance at Top Drawers, 809 Davie St, or or $25 at door. The party continues afterwards (yes, with Del), at Steamworks Baths, 123 West Pender St.

The Lady Show

Join comedian (and former Xtra columnist) Morgan Brayton and her friends for a new monthly comedy night of girl power and giggle power. 8pm. Little Mountain Gallery, 195 East 26th Ave. Tickets $10 at door. Check the Facebook page for more information.

Body Print

Someone once asked me to do body painting and I stupidly thought it meant covering my body in paint and rolling on the canvas. I didn’t realize he just wanted to paint certain parts of my body — well, one part actually, over and over. Ended up being a stroke session with paint as lube. I don’t recommend it. But I do recommend checking out this live painting session: Vancouver Men In Leather and PumpJack Pub bring you an amazing exhibition of Richard Frechette’s work. Come see some incredible works of art and experience live painting in person. 9–11pm. Pumpjack Pub, 1167 Davie St.

Saturday, Oct 10

Fat Chance

That is usually the response I get when, after quite a few cocktails, I ask the muscle guy next to me at the bar if he could help hold my penis to pee. Sooner or later one has to say yes, right? But tonight “Fat Chance” is the title of Vicky Vox’s one-woman show. Vox, part of the ex-drag trio DWV, known for YouTube hits like “This Boy Is a Bottom” and “Chow Down,” is set to blow the roof off XY. Come see her solo debut in Vancouver, presented by TFD. 8pm–2am. XYYVR, 1216 Bute St. Tickets $15 at Check the Facebook page for more information.

DILF Thanksgiving

Dads I Like To Fuck is a night for men over 35 and the men who want them. My friend Sydney is over 35 (way over), knows his way around a bathhouse, and loves to be stuffed, gobbled and at times even covered in warm, gooey gravy. Join him, DJ Gingerbear Todd and many other hot daddies wrapped in nothing but a towel, and see if you can get your Thanksgiving fill. 10pm–4am. Steamworks Baths, 123 West Pender St. Rates $12 and up for lockers and rooms.

East Van Queer Dance Party

It’s a long weekend so you can expect parties, but this is a new kid on the block. This new East Van Queer Dance Party promises “minimal bullshit” and “maximum dancing.” And, the organizers say, “everyone’s kinda queer, so everyone’s definitely welcome.” 9pm. The Astoria, 769 E Hastings St. Cover $5-10 with partial proceeds to Positive Living Society of BC. Check their Facebook page for more information.

Sunday, Oct 11

Bearracuda 5th Anniversary

Figures I would be out of town for the hottest bear night of the year — and it’s at a new venue. I’m hoping the shower stall has been reinforced because there is going to be a lot of naked bear meat getting soaped up tonight. DJ Paul Goodyear, naked shower men, go-go bears, and a lot of horny bears and cubs all over the bar. 9pm–3am. The Odyssey, 686 W Hastings St. Tickets $15 at Top Drawers, 809 Davie St or $20 at door.


Like many West End men, I frequent certain bars more for the man-meat than for the music, I’ll admit it. So pairing XY’s half-naked Riley Cox with a turntable is a stroke of genius. 10pm–2am. XYYVR, 1216 Bute St. $5 at door. Check the Facebook page for more information.

Hershe Bar

No long weekend is complete without a party for the ladies, and these ladies know how to turn it out. Oct 11 is also National Coming Out Day, and from what I hear goes on at these events, I’ve decided to come out as a lesbian, if only for today. 10pm. Red Room Ultra, 398 Richards St. Tickets $15.75 at Little Sister’s, 1238 Davie St or Check their Facebook page for more information.

Wednesday, Oct 14

The Immaculate Madonna Tribute Night

Personally, I just can’t bring myself to pay hundreds of dollars for a concert ticket, no matter how many times the same songs have been “remastered” for each tour. Now you can have just as much fun, hear the same music, and be able to buy all your friends drinks. DJs Kasey Riot and Teen Spirit play the tunes and you just know one or 20 Madonna drag hopefuls will provide the entertainment. 10pm–3am. Celebrities, 1022 Davie St.

Women & Queer Night

I’m going to be nice with this listing because if these women can rebuild a bike, they can certainly kick my ass! The tinier they are, the feistier they tend to be too (if you know Daily Xtra editor Robin Perelle, then you know what I mean). Bring your bike and learn everything about bike mechanics at this drop-in aimed specifically at female-identified and LGBT cyclists on the second Wednesday of every month. 6–9pm. The Bike Kitchen, 6138 SUB Blvd, Vancouver, UBC campus. Free session, no registration needed.

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