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OUTGAMES: Closing ceremonies

Xtra brings you the day in pictures

The 2011 Vancouver Outgames came to a close on Sat, July 30 with an all-day party and ceremony for the athletes, their fans and general Pride revellers (and Ace of Base fans) at the Plaza of Nations.

Xtra freelancer Darren Fleet was there to capture the moments.

Michael Atkinson, 44, shows of his gold. Atkinson finished first overall in his age group and third overall in the games for the 10km run.
Karynn Huang, 30, is the undisputed badminton champ of the Vancouver 2011 Outgames. Huang won hardware in three events: women’s doubles, gold; women’s singles, silver; and mixed doubles, bronze.


Michael Lonesome, 34, from Seattle’s Hello Boto men’s volleyball squad, takes a bite out of his team’s Division Two silver medal. For those who don’t know, Boto is Hawaiian for penis. 
DJ got his hair especially cut for the day. 
Nikisha Galbraith shows off her pins, pride and personality at the Vancouver 2011 Outgames closing ceremony.

Photos and captions by Darren Fleet.