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OUTstanding Docs: This week, American Mullet

A documentary about that nasty, nasty hair style

Check out this week’s outstanding queer documentary on OUTtv.

Fri, Dec 21, 11pm EST:

American Mullet

Love it or hate it, the mullet hairstyle (short on the top, front and sides, but long in the back) was huge in the 1980s. Anyone brave enough to sport the hairstyle now is likely to be harassed on occasion, or at the very least, laughed at. Yet the hair cut has inspired a cult following, as shown by websites like and

The hair style been stereotypically associated with lesbians, hockey players and bikers, yet this doc suggests that its appeal goes far beyond those groups. The director of American Mullet hit the streets of the United States to find out what people think about the hairstyle — check out the doc tonight on OUTtv, at 11pm EST.