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Pakistan: Paramedic confesses to killing men he met online

Muhammed Ejaz claims gays are ‘spreading evil’


A paramedic in Lahore, Pakistan, has confessed to killing three men he met online, saying his intent was to send a message about the “evils” of homosexuality, Agence France-Presse (AFP) reports.

Police say the murders took place in March and April and claim that Muhammed Ejaz, 28, had sex with the men — an ex army officer and two men in their 20s — who had been sedated and had their necks broken. Ejaz says he had been accessing Manjam, a gay networking site, where he discovered that “gays  are everywhere in Lahore,” AFP notes.

Ejaz, who has reportedly expressed remorse over the murders, says he was sexually abused by an older boy when he was a child.

According the AFP report, Ejaz, who says he is not gay, was married in 2011 and has two children. But one gay man told AFP that Ejaz has been engaging in gay sex for several months. The man, who is not identified in the story, says he’s concerned that conservative Muslims will welcome Ejaz’s actions, noting that people tend to conflate homosexuality and pedophilia and therefore believe that ridding society of homosexuality will end child abuse.