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Pakistani censorship, Indian anticipation and sad straights

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Chinese gay kiss leads to blank newspaper in Pakistan

The New York Time’s local publisher in Pakistan censored a photo of a kiss on the cheek by a Chinese gay couple, leading to a startlingly blank front page. The New York Times says it had no part in the decision.

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India awaits supreme court ruling

LGBT people in India are hoping the courts will flip flop one more time on gay rights. A high court legalized homosexual activity in 2009, knocking down a colonial era sodomy law. In 2013, the supreme court reversed the decision, sending Indian gay people back into the closet. On Tuesday, the court will once again rule on the legality of gay sex, prompting vigils by LGBT groups awaiting the decision.

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UK heterosexuals lose bid for civil unions

A British straight couple has lost its bid to get a civil union, an institution that was set up specially for gay couples as an alternative to marriage. Now that marriage is open to gay couples, the two say that straight people should be able to access civil unions as well. The couple, who say they object to marriage as a “patriarchal institution” say they will appeal.

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Anglicans trending towards support for gay couples

According to a UK poll, a plurality of Anglicans now say they support same-sex marriage. The Anglican church is in the midst of a schism over gay relationships, with more conservative African branches battling with liberal American Episcopalians.

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Italian “family day” protests flop

Organizers hoped for half a million people at anti-gay marriage protests in Rome, but had to settle for less than a tenth of that number, according to local journalists. Italy is the last major Western European country without any status for gay couples, but is considering recognizing civil unions.

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