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Parallel universes

Broadway's best was on display last night as the Tony Awards once presented a fantasy world where gay people are the majority. To bring the point home, host Neil Patrick Harris delivered a killer closing number:

Meanwhile, the silly nerds at sci-fi site io9 oddly responded to all those charming gay penguin stories with this daffy cover mockup:

All this campy silliness sure beats the real world, where the accused murderer of abortion clinic doctor George Tiller says more right-wing terrorism is on its way as the leader of anti-abortion group Operation Rescue denounces him as "a fruit and a lunatic."  Leaving aside the obvious "pot, kettle" argument, I have to ask:  lunatic, sure, but fruit?

Let's hope not or he'll never be able to get married — at least to anyone other than Jenny Craig:  Catholic deacon Keith Fournier says gay people shouldn't have rights because fat people are gross.  Or something like that.  Honestly, I can't keep track of these insane arguments anymore.

Let's just watch NPH again!!!