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Parenting 101: Must-watch videos

There are certain things that I think should be required reading/viewing for anyone who wants to be a parent. My more cynical friends and I like to theorize about parenting licences, which would weed out some of the more disgusting and egregious would-be parents.

When I read Lindsey Mead’s “10 Things I Want My Daughter to Know Before She Turns 10,” I printed it out and put it up on my fridge. Full disclosure: I don’t have a daughter, but not only do I think these should be active affirmations of every parent (especially those with daughters), but they make for some fantastic personal affirmations as well.

Now I have another resource for my Would-Be-Parenting Guide (written by a non-parent): San Francisco personal consulting leader Laurin Mayeno has compiled a series of amazing videos about her journey raising her son Danny.

In the videos, Mayeno describes the many intersections of being a mixed-race single mom raising a gender-creative, deeply intelligent, non-normative boy:

“One thing that I’ve learned is that children aren’t born in gender boxes, we put them there, and I really believe that children like Danny give us a glimpse into the future where everyone can be free to be who they are, and be loved and supported.”

While I’m normally not given to sentimentality, Mayeno’s compassionate realism and expert storytelling is what swayed me, plus she perfectly communicates my shared belief that children have absolutely no obligation to come out to their parents, an important part of the Mayeno family story.

And for my last parenting resource, to cut some of the sugary feelings, a little bit of parenting advice from Louis CK.