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Parties are such sweet sorrow

Inside Out hosts a party after each of its seven gala film screenings; they’ll all start around 10:30pm. The biggest parties will be the opening and closing events and the two parties at the Embassy.

If you have a $15 gala ticket to the screening just prior to the party; you’re in. Otherwise it’ll cost $10 at the door.

Opening night

The B-Girlz, who are anything but a drag, entertain the troops following the screening of Beefcake. Yum. Thu, May 20. Houston. 257 Adelaide St W. (416) 351-1601.

Girl Night

Following Kiss Me Quick and Pourquoi Pas Moi? Boys welcome. Fri, May 21. Jet Nightclub. 360 Adelaide St W. (416) 408-2646.

It’s Just Sex

Following Relax: It’s Just Sex; there might even be dancing, with DJ Dwayne Minard. Sat, May 22. Embassy. 16A Phipps St. (416) 920-7774.

Local Heroes

Everyone knows each other at this party. Usually one of the more fun events. Sun, May 23. Montana. 145 John St. (416) 595-5949.

Reely Real

Get Real, then get even. Thu, May 27. The Red Spot. 459 Church St. (416) 967-7768.

Or Treat

If you’ve ever wondered what goes on the back alleys of TO, now you know. Following the film Trick, the fun moves to the Embassy, with DJ Dwayne Minard. Fri, May 28. The Embassy. 16A Phipps St. (416) 920-7774.

Closing Night

Watch out! Organizers get drunk and out of towners cut loose. Following Better Than Chocolate. Sat, May 29. Winston’s. 104 Adelaide St W. (416) 360-8888.


Lights (off) Action (heavy) Cut (or un)

Hot and bothered? Need to wind down? Don’t forget the venerable bathhouse across the street from the new Paramount Cinema. The Barracks can be busy any time. Great for those into leather, SM and more customized scenes. (Sorry ladies.) Wednesdays are Naked Days. From 4pm to 8am, a room costs $18, $10 for a locker, $22 for officer’s quarters and $25 for a sling room. Day rates are cheaper and there’s special discounts during lunch hour (from 11am to 2pm). 56 Widmer St. (416) 593-0499.