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Party vs Partay…how it all played out this past weekend

As I had hoped, those who were able to tote around cameras during Pride Week, have been busy posting videos and photos to YouTube and Facebook. Here are some videos of Nina Flowers at Rapture on Sunday…

(Thanks to Anna for photo)

…though before we go on, I would like to say this. Big Roger’s parties were competing against TFD Productions Rapture parties once again this year. In the battle of the Vancouver party producers, here’s what went down:

  • This year, Big Rogers cancelled his Sunday party.
  • This year, TFD Productions’ Rapture Sunday sold out.

On to the videos:

Oh Nina Flowers – you are TERRIFYING in your supreme-drag-being awesomeness.
Let’s face it: Nina Flowers is what happens when sexy meets fabulosity in the dark alley that is life. Her performance was high-calibre circuit insanity, the likes of which may never be seen in Vancouver again. 
Oh girl…when she sprayed that water on herself I just about died. Yeah she did. It was a hot swampy mess in there and she still owned every second of her performance. I love you, Nina!!! Thanks for the photo after your last performance – it’ll be in the next issue of Xtra West.
And not only did Tommy D throw two of the best events I’ve ever attended, he also killed it on the stage: