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Passion Armpit

Now, I don't want to say that Passion Pit stunk last night, but their name + lacklustre set + the Commodore + sweaty mosh pit = sucktacular.

It's a lethal equation for a band I sorta like.

As you can tell from the equally craptacular Blackberry photo, I made my way to the front. But it didn't really help that much. I forgot to wear my piece-of-shit red-blue plaid shirt and bring my snaggletoothed girlfriend (one such snaggletooth actually turned around to tell my friend/homo co-conspirator Resh: "I really don't appreciate you grinding me from behind". My response: "I would sooner punch you in the face than grind you, girl. GET REAL!")

My bad.

Despite the surly crowd of pretentious university kids, I still managed to enjoy this song:

And some other ones. Does liking Passion Pit despite their gross fans make me a bad homo?

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