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Pat Robertson compares gay rights advocates to the Illuminati

Have you noticed how gay marriage opponents are increasingly grasping at straws? I mean, they didn’t really have a strong rational position to stand on to begin with, but now it’s . . . it’s all somehow gotten sadder. 

Like Pat Robertson. He used to just be the crazy religious guy on TV, and now he’s just — actually, he hasn’t changed a bit. But the world has changed around him while he sat by, stubborn and bitter. You can only be told that your entire world view is wrong so many times before you go from crazy to batshit insane, which I’m guessing is why he’s now trying to tie the gay rights movement to a baseless conspiracy theory believed only by the dumbest members of society. Well, at least he knows his audience.

The reverend offered a history lesson by noting the French Revolution was ‘spurred by the writings of a group called the Illuminati.’ The organization’s writings were meant ‘to destroy the family, to destroy the state, to destroy capitalism and to destroy the church.’ Robertson charged, of course, this is what gays want to do.

’But is it really just about marriage or does it go far beyond that: to destroying the traditional family and building a country without God,’ he asked. [SOURCE]

Except none of that is true.

The Illuminati was a pro-intellectualism group that supported the separation of church and state as well as feminism. There was never actually any proof that they were behind the French Revolution claims, other than a book written about conspiracy theories.

So for those of you keeping score, Pat Robertson read a book that had no proven ties to reality and believed the entire thing without question. Play us off, Carlin.

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