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Peaches is like a diamond in the muff

Canadian artist brings her tour ("wanker rod" and all) to Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver

MOVE OVER, DISCO STICK. Peaches gushes about her "wanker rod", a "long and phallic sensor driven electronic instrument that wails, squeals and quivers varying electro sounds as its stroked." Credit:

Since Peaches’ 2000 breakout album, The Teaches of Peaches, the show-stopper, panty dropper and self-proclaimed “stage whore” has continued to make audiences dance, sweat and fuck to her revolutionary electro-punk sound and hardcore lyrics.

Xtra caught up with the bush-flaunting Canadian artist to talk about her expanding sound, tour and new album, I Feel Cream.

Xtra: While the overall vibe and the lyrics on your new album are still very sexual, the music itself seems like a departure from your last three records and is more of a dance album. We also get to hear you sing quite a bit. What was your creative process for this record?

Peaches: I’ve always been associated with the dance world because I make music with machines, but I never thought of myself really as a dance artist. But in the past few years, I’ve been doing a lot of remixes for other people and DJing. I am in the dance world and it’s what I’m listening to, so I actively wanted to make a dance album.

I’ve established myself as who I am: a pioneer in the electro-punk scene, whether you want to call it electro-clash or new rave or hard electro [but I’m also] a singer. I’ve always been able to sing so it was just nice to be able to get out that voice too without pushing aside what I’m all about, [which is] why I didn’t sing on any earlier albums… I didn’t want it to take away from what I was establishing or what I wanted to bring out in my music.

Xtra: You’ve always encouraged others to push their own boundaries. For this album, you’ve pushed your own to expose a more vulnerable side of yourself by revealing your singing capabilities. How did you reach this point of vulnerability?

Peaches: My lyrical content, delivery, directness and my sound has all been done on three albums, so I wanted to work with certain producers like Simian Mobile Disco. Their style and atmosphere allowed me to sing melodies and bring out a vulnerable side in myself [which] I felt was important because I always call for men to show their vulnerable side and women to show their macho side. I’ve always shown my hardcore side, so I thought it was time to bring on a new dimension.

Xtra: This record addresses subjects that we haven’t heard you discuss before, such as anti-ageism and sex at 40. With lines like “lick my crows feet” and the song “Mommy Complex,” did you intentionally want to show audiences a different aspect of your sexuality or was it something that just happened naturally?

Peaches: I’ve never really been calculated about albums, but they always end up meaning something.

If we describe each album as a sexual act, the first album [The Teaches of Peaches] is masturbation. The second album [Fatherfucker] is role-playing. The third album [Impeach My Bush] is an orgy. This album is more like going out for a really nice dinner with someone. You’re eating and flirting and then you jump on the table, ripping each others’ fancy clothes and just taking everything off.

Xtra: You’re currently touring with a live band, The Sweet Machine and from I’ve seen and heard, you put on an amazing live show. Can you tell us more about the tour and whether you have anything special planned for your Canadian shows?

Peaches: I always have something special planned. Even if I’m just in my underwear with a band, it’s a special plan because I can rock you in my underwear [or] I can rock you with a full band. I’ve got lasers, this thing called a “wanker rod” (a long and phallic sensor driven electronic instrument that wails, squeals and quivers varying electro sounds as its stroked), clap machines, light-up keytars, guitars, bass, drums… hot shit, tight band. We love to play together. I’ve got all new costumes for this leg of the tour and so it’s quite an experience and it’s a live experience. You can watch it on YouTube, but it won’t be the same thing.

See Peaches’ elaborate costumes (including one with a built-in pussy light) and gender-bending performance live in concert with Amanda Blank and DJ Frigid.

Montreal: Tue, Nov 17 at Metropolis, 59 Ste Catherine St East.
Toronto: Wed, Nov 18 at the Phoenix Concert Theatre, 410 Sherbourne St.
Vancouver: Wed, Nov 25 at the Commodore Ballroom, 868 Granville St.

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