Jason Kenney
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Pencilling in some dates

The auditor general’s report is set for tabling at the end of October, and it’s no doubt due to be pretty harsh on the stimulus spending from the past two summers. Is Harper going to try and pull the plug and call an election before it gets released (since the Liberals have no desire to do it for him)? Just possibly…

Speaking of stimulus, the Harper government ordered civil servants to spend countless hours tracking the “Canada’s Economic Action Plan” signs around the country. Seriously. The same signs the made projects receiving funds pay for, so that they wouldn’t be tracked on the federal government books. But hey, this is the party of fiscal prudence, transparency and accountability.

The Conservatives have been politicizing the military? You don’t say!

While Jason Kenney avoids answering uncomfortable questions on the census and those Tamil refugee claimants in Canada, he’s off in India and China to shake his fist about fraudulent immigration consultants. This while Public Safety Minister Vic Toews goes about finding legislative options for cabinet in order to prevent future boats from making it to our shores.

And word has it that Bruce Carson may become Harper’s new chief of staff, and that he’ll be a kinder and gentler sort than his predecessor. Uh huh. This is still Harper – the government of one, and smartest guy in whatever room he happens to be in, who is playing chess while everyone else is playing checkers/Clue/Uno, etc.
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