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Pennsylvania: Trans student won’t be allowed to run for homecoming king

Kasey Caron was told he could run for homecoming queen instead

Pennsylvania high school student Kasey Caron won't be allowed to run for homecoming king. Credit:

Following news that a California transgender teen was named homecoming queen at her high school, a transgender high school student in Pennsylvania has been told he can’t run for homecoming king, even though he identifies as male.

According to a New York Daily News report, Richland School Board administrators say Kasey Caron can run for homecoming queen only, upholding a decision made by a previous board.

Caron told NBC 10 Philadelphia that the current board is “sweeping this problem under the rug” by not making its own decision.

Caron’s driving licence now reflects his preferred gender identity, but school board solicitor Timothy Leventry says a person’s gender reassignment must be certified by a physician for the state to recognize the change, Pink News reports.

At one point, the homecoming committee told Caron he could run on the male ballot, but his school’s administration later told him he couldn’t because it would be illegal.

“To have a door opened for me, one that was a huge step into being accepted by my peers and in society, and then have it slammed in my face left me feeling shattered,” Caron told the Daily News.