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“People seem to wake up to what Harper is doing too late”

Have you kept track of the evangelicals appointed to the Prime Minister's Office since Harper took power in 2006? 

Xtra reported on a shuffle earlier this year that put evangelicals into the top jobs of deputy chief of staff and director of policy, sending a clear message to Harper's hard-right voter base that he is on their side.

The Star recently spoke to Marci McDonald, author of the upcoming The Armageddon Factor: The Rise of Christian Nationalism in Canada.

"Harper has given the religious right a welcome and access in Ottawa and government they've never had before – and they've become used it," she told the Star in an interview. She adds that Harper will quietly introduce creeping social conservative changes through bureaucratic tinkering, appointments and staffing changes. "People seem to wake up to what Harper is doing too late," she says. Read the full Star piece, "Boom times for PMO's God squad."