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Peppa Pig is officially a queer icon

Her debut album is the gayest thing since Mr Ratburn’s wedding

Move over Mr Ratburn, Babadook and Peppermint Patty: Peppa Pig is the new queer icon in town, and we’re stanning hard. 🐷 🏳️‍🌈

You know Peppa — the crudely drawn cartoon piggy with a British accent who has stolen the hearts of every child in the world. Well, she’s officially a pop star now, and we’re being blessed with a full-length album — aptly titled “My First Album” — that is somehow the queerest release of the year. Janelle Monáe left chat. Hayley Kiyoko has retired. Troye Sivan is shaking.

Tracks include “Rainbow, Rainbow” (gay), “Busy Miss Rabbit” (gayer), “The Class of Madame Gazelle” (gayest) and “Expert Daddy Pig” (peak gay kink anthem).

And like any great icon, Peppa is already feuding — with Iggy Azalea. I mean, Azalea has threatened to *literally* eat Peppa for breakfast. Someone call PETA!

This isn’t the first time Peppa’s made waves in LGBTQ2 fandom. Last month, 17,000 people signed a petition for her show to feature a queer family. And in 2015, the leader of the UK’s Liberal Democratic Party called for more gay cartoon characters, specifically citing the desire for a lesbian Peppa Pig (to which we say: she’s already queer AF, my friend).

Peppa’s album drops Friday, and we’re shooketh in wait. Oink oink, bitch. 🐽