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Pervert City 2011: Q&A with K&K



K&K: I'm really happy you've managed to stay alive since 2007! Congrats. In a city often consumed with capitalism, how do manage to put on such a grassroots event?

Ian B-P: While this is certainly a city which thrives on capitalism, much like most urban spaces, a culturally material environment seems to generate a void and a space in which a counterculture can exist. This is certainly the space in which Pervers/cité and other queer festivals can thrive. The queer community in Montreal is also somewhat of a force to be reckoned with and seems to have grown stronger in response to this capitalist environment. I don't think that it is necessarily a rejection of what Montreal is at its core — after all, there are aspects of this city that have allowed the queer community to grow — but rather a need by many to examine our city, our country and the globe with a much more critical eye and question what is "given" and "essential" in society and probe ourselves and our friends for alternatives.

K&K:  Some newer editions this year, workshops, events to note?

Ian B-P: There is definitely the return of some old favourites such as Cabaret Faux Pas and Walking Tours, but this year also has a number of new exciting editions. Mic Rose: Homo's Got Talent is an open-mic-style party at the Royal Phoenix, and in the vein of our anti-capitalist stance, it gives new and upcoming queer performers of all types, as well as some lesser-known DJs, the opportunity to strut their stuff in an open-source way. The mic slots are 10 minutes each, with some longer DJ sets at the end, and give an opportunity to anyone to participate. The ALCC is also hosting The Bizaar Bizarr, which is a buy, barter or trade market for sex toys and kink wear (but really anything at all), and they are a really exciting new and enthusiastic part of Pervers/cité. *Check out the shedule here: 2011
CALENDAR | – Pervers/Cité

K&K: Who is Pervers/cité for?

Ian B-P: Pervers/cité is for everybody. We have 13 days of diverse and radical events, ranging from parties and cabarets to workshops and panel discussions, queer soccer and wrestling to a kinky open market. Everyone is welcome who is interested, curious and open-minded.

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