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Peter Brant Jr: The stupid gay socialite

Peter Brant Jr, the openly gay 18-year-old son of supermodel Stephanie Seymour and billionaire publishing tycoon Peter Brant, found himself in hot water on Instagram after President Obama was reelected. 

When his friend Andrew Warren texted him saying, "I guess were poor now," Brant replied, "I have a contingency plan: kill Obama hahaha."

Warren replied, "HAHA well Atleast women have rights. Oh wait I don't care" to which Brant answered, "Hahahaahaha exactly."

He's only 18, and although that's not really an excuse for joking about the murder of the president, or his misogyny, you can't expect too much from a teenager who has more money than brain cells.

What I find the most bewildering is why Brant Jr is upset about Obama's win. Gay Republicans are self-loathing embarrassments. Although I really shouldn't be surprised, the selfishness of the white elite never ceases to amaze. You're gay, kid! You should be thanking god that you have a president who gives a shit about you and not just your precious fortune.

Brant Jr took to his Twitter and, with petulance in 140 characters or less, wrote, "People seriously need to take a joke, the instagram obviously wasn't serious. Everyone can move on now I obviously believe in women's rights."

Sorry, Peter, but the only thing obvious about you is that you're a douche bag.