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Petition launched to ban ‘gay cure’ app

Does anyone remember when phones were just phones? You know, back when you just called someone, or texted someone, and that was it? Now, if your phone can’t deliver a baby via C-section while finding your lost contact lenses, you own a brick. (Oh, and good fucking luck if you drop it. I slammed a car door on my first phone and sent it through the wash and it still worked. Meanwhile, you can cover an iPhone in bubblewrap and it’ll still break in half if you so much as look at it funny.)

But back to the apps here. Some of them, like FindMyPhone or that one that lets you pay for Starbucks using your phone, are perfectly fine, but most of them are complete shit-ass travesties. Take, for instance, a brand new app that claims it can “cure” you of homosexuality in 60 days. Tellingly enough, there’s no money-back guarantee on it. Anyway, AllOut responded by launching a petition against the app, since it’s both blatantly homophobic AND probably a complete waste of money.

Gay ‘cures’? There shouldn’t be an app for that. But, there’s a new one called “Setting Captives Free,” available in both the Apple iTunes and Google Play stores, meant to teach you how to stop being gay.

It’s a 60-day course that tells gay people they are not “born this way” and offers to help them find “freedom from the bondage of homosexuality."

These so-called treatments can cause terrible harm to lesbian, gay, bi, and trans people, or anyone forced to try to change who they are or who they love.

Apple and Google have policies against these kinds of apps but so far this one has escaped their notice. Sign now to tell them to drop this and all other gay ‘cure’ apps! 

The good news is that since the petition went up, Apple has already removed the app from its marketplace, while Google still has it up for some reason. I know, go fig.

There are many things a phone can do — at this point, TOO many — but I don’t think iPhones can do the impossible. Nothing can magically stop you from being gay, so you might as well go back to using your phone for its intended use: playing Angry Birds while you’re making a doody.

[Image via Wired]