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Photo of arrested gay cruise passengers caught in the act

Last week I blogged about the couple arrested on a gay cruise at the port of Dominica for having sex. I criticized Atlantis Events president Rich Campbell for not coming to the defence of his passengers and even refused to name the two men in question, basically saying that this whole fiasco is none of our business and is a total outrage. 

That was all before I saw the above photo, which allegedly depicts passengers Dennis Mayer and John Hart (who I am now naming because neither appears to be particularly shy) aboard the Celebrity Summit ship, engaging in sex on their balcony. Seeing as how the ship was in the port, and gay sex is illegal in Dominica, it appears that Mayer and Hart are either stupid or were making a defiant statement against the law. 

I certainly don’t think they deserved to be taunted and humiliated by police officials as some reports have suggested happened, but their behaviour was inappropriate. They were in clear view of bystanders, and even if they were heterosexuals having sex, their public display would still be illegal.Bookmark and Share