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Photographer Drasko Bogdanovic releases first book

Photographer Drasko Bogdanovic has released his first book, Persuasion of Men, featuring hot photos and an introduction by Canadian writer Brad Fraser. Check out this shot from the collection:


Preview some of the book’s 120 photos online 

Xtra profiled Bogdanovic back in 2009. 

A photographer of homoeroticism, he attempts to capture both the arousing and the artistic.

"People are uncomfortable with men flaunting their beauty,” Bogdanovic
says. “When you look through magazines, porn, pop culture, it’s always
that masculine stereotype — buff, huge-muscled guys. But beauty always
plays on some kind of feminine side."

His work shimmies along the line between glamour shot and personal
memento. He uses a combination of professional and amateur models,
shooting them in both staged and candid poses. He further mixes genres
by using both natural lighting and classical posture. (read the full profile)

If you’re in Toronto, you can catch Bogdanovic’s Persuasion of Men photo exhibit in May:

May 7–31.
Grasp Erotica Bar.
543 Yonge St, Toronto.

Opening reception and party.

Friday, May 7 at 7:00pm

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