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Pick of the week: Amy Sedaris – I Like You

Most people know Amy Sedaris as a 46-year-old high school freshman in the short-lived US TV show Strangers with Candy.

As Jerri Blank, Sedaris worked at overcoming a life of drugs, booze and Tijuana horse shows through a blend of optimism, perseverance and racism.

Combine that with some not-so-subtle lesbian innuendo and a face like a deep fried potato and you’ve got a lovable cult comedy heroine/future Lindsay Lohan.

Either way, I’m mesmerized.

In her latest venture, Sedaris has taken on Martha as the queen of hospitality.

Her entertaining book I Like You gives helpful hints on everything party related.  From entertaining the elderly by passing around balloons, to making peas and carrots bracelets, this book is guaranteed good times!