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Pick of the week: Kiki and Herb Live at the Knitting Factory

Credit: Alive Mind Media

It’s been my experience that the only life lessons worth learning come from the boozed-up rants of an aging torch singer and her over-the-hill piano player. 

I don’t need Tuesdays with Morrie to teach me everything I need to know about life. I just need 15 minutes in a dressing room with Kiki Durane and a fifth of Canadian Club whisky.
The super-charged lounge act of Kiki and Herb (played by Justin Bond and Kenny Mellman) may not be trendy or relevant or even sober, but the comedy duo shines as a couple of showbiz war horses who have seen it all and done too much. 
Kiki and Herb Live at the Knitting Factory (available on DVD) is as inspirational as it is a cautionary tale of a life spent chasing the limelight and the next drink.