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Pick of the week: Menz Pale Ale

Halifax bar pumps out suds for the pink palette

If you would rather pass on wine and cheese and go straight for beer and nuts, there’s a bar in Halifax pumping out suds for the pink palette.

Menz bar has revamped the pride of Nova Scotia with its own micro-brewed pale ale sold exclusively to Menz bar patrons.

Frankly I’m surprised Halifax beat Vancouver to the punch on this. With the amount of breweries and vineyards in this province, you would think someone would have thought to market a product as simple and crowd pleasing as beer to a community known for its partying.

You win this round Halifax, but we’ll see which city is better at hot nude yoga.

As for Menz Pale Ale, it will give you a nice buzz with its generous amount of head and sharp aftertaste — not unlike a night at the PumpJack.