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Pick of the week: Pride-toria Secret Dog Lingerie Thong

Dog parks are cruising grounds for both man and man’s best friend. While you scope the hottie playing with his Weimaraner, there’s always some mongrel trying to stick his nose in your pup’s savoir faire.

Before every walk, I sit my Chihuahua down and say “Princess Penelope, hide your pooch cooch. Don’t give it up to the first mutt with a big tongue.”

Now a clever pet fashion house is enabling pets to look and feel sexy without giving it all away like a tart at happy hour.

Since 2006, the Montreal-based online company has been making gay-themed clothing for pets. The Pride-toria Secret Dog Lingerie Thong is just one item from their Trashy Dog collection. It keeps your pet’s modesty concealed while retaining some of that canine mystique.

Oh and before you get any ideas, the hole in the back is for their tail.