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Pick up the Fuckup

Gas? Grass? Nope, ass

I love, love, love that pornstar, entrepreneur and Feminist Porn Awards’ Hearththrob of the Year James Darling has created “an environment where trans men’s sexualities and bodies are celebrated in a respectful and affirming way.” Darling’s FTM Fucker website has been operating for a little more than a year now, providing a pansexual buffet of porn featuring (and pleasing) trans guys.

Speaking of my heart throbbing (among other things), FTM Fucker’s latest scene features Owen Gray and a porny favourite of mine, Fritz Von Fuckup. The porn producer recently posted tantalizing pictures from the shoot, and this past week the trailer became available on the site.

Hopefully, the preview will show guys and gals into FTM dudes the pleasure of geting membership, with an emphasis on a good member.