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Picking up at The Fringe

Your best bet on finding love or a hot piece at the Toronto theatre fest

Credit: Pekic/iStock/Thinkstock

Unlike Pride or Inside Out, the Fringe isn’t uniquely queer. That doesn’t mean, however, that it’s not a great place to score. Ten days of shows in frequently sweaty venues means that turning up the heat isn’t hard. Below, we give you some easy ways to stay cool while you land that theatre-lover you’re lusting after.

Queer up your look

There’s plenty of eye candy filling the festival’s lines. But with gay boys and straight dudes all sporting the same haircuts/beards/man-purses these days, determining which team your object of affection bats for is a common conundrum. An unabashedly homo tweak like a tastefully folded hankie in your back pocket or a pair of pink Chucks can go a long way in helping to grease the skids.

Pick up your phone

While staring at a screen during all-queer events is a bit like reading a Chinese take-out menu in Mandarin, having Grindr open is an easy flag to those spying over your shoulder that you’re looking for action. Instead of trying to send the message digitally, just sidle up to him in line and say something like, “Looks like it’s going to be packed in there. Mind if I squeeze in with you?”

Hit the beer tent

Along with pissing it up post-show, the temporary bar behind Honest Ed’s is the place to hear about what’s hot and what’s not. “See anything you like?” isn’t a pick-up line that works everywhere. But after a few pints of cheap suds in plastic cups, responding with “Not until you showed up” will likely get a laugh, rather than a groan.