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Hello Kitty and the (Santa) blow light


Hello Kitty and the (Santa) blow lightYou can’t swing a cat in this world without hitting a Hello Kitty something or other.

That darn cat’s face is on everything from key chains and towels to vibrators and guns and this year marks the 35th birthday of the $1 billion a year cash cow (or cat).

Not bad for a pussy with no mouth. The gay community needs that kind of power.

The Hello Kitty Blow Light takes the pressure off us to gay up Sanrio’s masterpiece and lets the innuendo do the job for us.

I was disappointed to learn that this is a lamp and not a sex toy (I love Santa outfits) but the double-take everyone gives this product makes it worthwhile.

The Houston chapter of the group Asians and Friends even marched in this year’s Pride parade wearing pink tutus and holding giant Hello Kitty signs.

Hello Kitty may be our new Liza.