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Picks of the Week: Death Comes to Town

Credit: Courtesy of CBC, Kids in the Hall

When Kids in the Hall went off the air in 1994, I started one of the most vicious letter-writing campaigns ever undertaken on lavender-scented paper.

I have since learned that three interns had to be hospitalized due to their reactions to the strong smells, and for that I am sorry.
But let it be known that the CBC caved to my demands, and Kids in the Hall are back in their new show, Death Comes to Town.
It’s not sketch comedy, but the Kids are together again, playing almost every character in this whodunit series about a town that bids for the 2028 Winter Olympics but gets a dead mayor instead.  
It’s classic Kids in the Hall with the crossdressing, genderbending antics that made them queer heroes and Canadian icons.