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Pink Triangle Press moves into new Toronto digs

New office on the 16th floor of 2 Carlton St

Pink Triangle Press has bid farewell to Church St and has now settled comfortably into its new home at 2 Carlton St.

The new digs have an incredible view from high up on the 16th floor. The office is bright and sunny, with big windows and “enough room for a dancefloor” several staff members note.

Pink Triangle Press, the home of Xtra and fab magazine, occupies the entire 16th floor, which was previously home to the offices of the Toronto International Film Festival.

PTP executive director Ken Popert says the press has now moved seven times since 1971, when The Body Politic was first launched. Popert says it’s sad to be off Church St, but that “it’s great to look out the window and see all the positive effects of our work. We can still see Church St.”

“It makes you aware there is a world outside the Village,” he says. “We were lucky to find 491 Church St when we were looking. At the time we moved from 100 Wellesley to 491. We just got too big.”

There are 66 staff members at PTP Toronto. The new space is about 14,000 square feet. “I’m still getting used to it,” Popert says.

“There are pluses and minuses to it. It’s less exciting, but it’s also less distracting. And it’s a lot quieter. There was a lot of daily connection to the community that has now been snipped off, but there’s nothing we can do. I didn’t feel an attachment to the building itself.”

PTP publishes print editions of Xtra and Index business directories in Toronto, Ottawa and Vancouver. PTP also publishes Toronto’s fab magazine and operates gay hookup service Squirt, digital specialty channel HARDtv, website QueeriesMag and international gay travel portal PTP works in partnership with digital specialty channel OutTV and on the internationally syndicated travel television show Bump!