Toronto Diary
1 min

Pink Triangle Press turns 40, just in time for the Rapture

So tonight is Pink Triangle Press’s 40th anniversary party, which means that the company is officially old enough to be classified as “half-dead.” Not my own term. It’s a night of fun as we look back on the past and forward to the future.

Except tomorrow is the end of the world . . . again.

Yeah, remember that crazy religious guy who told everyone the world was going to end five months ago? And then he was all like “Oh wait, just kidding! It’s actually ending in October. Five more years before you all go to hell. Kthxbai!” Well, that’s tomorrow, which I guess means I can get plastered off my ass at the party and face no repercussions in the morning! Well, now that I think about it, being susceptible to light and loud noises might be a hinderance when the world is ending . . . Suddenly, the phrase “hangover from hell” springs to mind. Oh well, I’m sure they have Gatorade in at least one of the circles down there.

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