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1 min, eh?

When I think of summer 2008, I think of Vancouver's underserviced queer presence online. This was before Homorazzi's big splashy debut at the start of '09, somewhere around the time a dewy-eyed young twenty-something was debating whether to sign his soul over to to help build their online blogging brand in Vancouver, debating whether his saucy debut should be "Bright Lights, Big Twinky" or "Right Up Your Alley: Vancouver's Gay Blog"…oh back then. I heart you and I miss you.

Now there's a new kid on the block, a handsome young go-getter named Pinq, who has been identified in the following photo for your easy reading convenience:

Pfft. Nice jacket, Jordan.

This "Pinq" has also been known to resemble:


For those of you looking for something a little more highbrow to compliment your daily queer quotient online, check out Pinq. I like their format. Check out this posting on Sophie Ellis Bextor.

Also: send me a question, any question, and two online experts will answer it in a new video format called "Aleholes" that I'm bringing to Up Your Alley soon.

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