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Piss Off Week: #1 – Play fighting/roughhousing

Shit that drives you crazy? Like me, you may be wondering: where do I begin?

After multiple requests from readers and friends, I'm going to do a week long feature here on Up Your Alley, so here goes:

#1 – Play fighting/roughhousing

Wonder what I'm talking about? Here's a definition from Wikipedia:

"In humans, play fighting (sometimes called roughhousing) is an activity in which two or more people act as though they are in combat, but without actually meaning to harm their partners, nor dealing sufficient bodily harm to make the game unenjoyable."

For the record, I HATE when friends, friends of friends or strangers start this kind of shit.

It's springtime in Vancouver and I understand that people's hormones are see-sawing a ragged path towards summer. And hey, I'm human (sort of). A hit to the babymaker is funny every now and then if it helps keep somebody "real", but three or four of the same gets a little tired. 

Same goes for slapping, nipple twisting, headlocks, punching and shoving people into things like cars.
Do you often find yourself in this situation:

If yes, consider this supplimental Wikiquote:

"Young couples have been known to engage in a sort of intimate,
almost sexual type of play fighting, where grapples and punches are
replaced by tickling and soft touches. This is distinguished from regular lovemaking
by one of the partners playfully trying to avoid, avert, or escape what
his or her partner is doing to them, though it could be a prelude to
actual sexual activity. Similar behavior is visible in other animals, notably various mammals, including cats, dogs, and kangaroos."

What pisses me off: We all know adult playfighting is primarily a form of flirting. But what distringuishes it from, say, creepy guy who won't stop talking to you on the bus or at the bar, is unwanted physical contact.

Advice: Keep your hands to yourself.

Further advice: When someone tells you to fuck off and stop it, you've crossed a line. Be an adult, do as they say and don't get your nose out of joint.