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Piss Off Week: #3 – Nonsense vs. content

From musicians to film directors to authors to speechwriters, the time comes when every artist seems to think that it's their right to take gibber-gabber and transform it into art.

My example today is from the recent Eurovision contest – which was a windy affair (a la wind tunnel), with a 100% chance of hilarity.

Take this year's entrant from the Ukraine. Svetlana Loboda decided to regale a global audience with "Be My Valentine"…

(PS don't skip the russian commercial starting this clip – girl's hair is grpwing castles…time to shampoo that shit)

Oh, Svetlana Loboda, you are the poor man's Shakira <single tear>

And I'm sorry, Bom-Bom. When you open your mouth, it sounds like someone is rubbing cats against my eardrums.

What pisses me off: it sounds like you are speaking English, but "You are so sexy bom, gonna
make me crazy bom, we're gonna do the bom-bom, ain't that amazing bom" is as captivating as Stephen Harper's Mona-Lisa-smile.

Advice: Fed-Ex me your back up dancers. Immediately.