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Piss Off Week #5 – Sorry vs excuse me/pardon me

Really, I should probably just be happy that I live in a country where "sorry" is part of our daily lexicon. That said, the non-stop Canadian barage of "sarry" "sarry" "sarry" would most likely sadden me inside if I had any feelings at all.

Sure it looks like I'm just about to cry in this photo, but don't be fooled. I've got two words for you: crocodile tears.

I digress. My mother, father and my aunt Mary Anne raised me to mind my Ps&Q. It's really quite basic:

  • When you ask for something, say please.
  • When someone gives you something or pays you compliment, say thank you
  • Sip, don't slurp.
  • When you meet someone new, ask them questions about themselves. Do NOT start a conversation by talking about yourself.
  • If someone asks you a questions about yourself, ask them a question in return
  • Cross your legs at your ankles: a true lady reveals nothing!

What pisses me off: when stuck behind a pack of slow walkers linked arm-in-arm, four abreast, do not say "Sorry" when you push by them. This indicates the following:

  • you are apologizing for their behavior
  • you are passive aggresively telling them to move

Advice: words you should consider instead:

  1. Excuse me
  2. Pardon me

Further advice: if you are angry, but don't want to drop the f-bomb, try a Horlor family classic: "Excuse YOU!" Followed by an assertive: "Bitch PLEASE!"


Enjoy your weekend. Swing by the GMF Party tomorrow night at Pulse. On Sunday, check out the this year's first Cruisey-T cruise ( Check out Facebook for more info on both.